Adam wilkinson

The Top Ten WWE Superstars That Belong In The Impact Zone

Back in 2005, popular tag team and midcard WWE superstar, Christian, jumped ship to TNA and, within a half a year, the newly dubbed “Christian Cage” became the TNA Heavyweight Champion. This move allowed him to prove himself as a main event level talent, which ultimately led to his return to WWE and an eventual run as World Heavyweight Champion.

Let’s take a look at some current WWE superstars who could benefit from a move to the Impact Zone.

10. Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne is an exciting, high-flying dare devil who, quite frankly, will probably never elevate higher in WWE than his tag team title run with Kofi Kingston earlier this year. Bourne’s style and ability to connect with the audience would make him a perfect addition to the X Division, which could really use some revitalizing. His history with Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate will also be greatly appreciated among the TNA’s niche audience.

9. Mason Ryan

The Welsh juggernaut hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in quite some time and, although he has left much to be desired, a TNA run might be just we he needs to get his career off the ground. Pairing Ryan with the English wrestler, Magnus, could be beneficial to both. Magnus is stronger on the mic and better in the ring, so Ryan could learn from him while also adding that extra element that could help push Magnus further toward the top.

8. Hunico

I’m a huge Hunico fan, as he possesses excellent in-ring skills and he comes across as very organic on the mic. His Mexican thug gimmick is pretty much lost in the shuffle of WWE, but in TNA, where they are more receptive to factions and stables, Hunico could find a rejuvenation by leading a Mexican-American contingent. Throw him in the mix with the technically skilled Chavo and the massive Hernandez as a heel stable, and they would deliver.

7. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

I’ll cheat the system here and give you a two-for-one with “International Airstrike”. Kidd and Gabriel have the in-ring style to fit right in with the floundering X Division and could provide it with some fresh faces and recognizable names to help revive the division. Kidd in particular is a tremendous talent with a unique ability to connect with his audience. The plethora of talent in WWE will ultimately hinder him, but he could carve a significant niche within TNA.

6. Zack Ryder

Since his US title run came to an abrupt end almost a year ago, Ryder has fallen off big time. He’s been relegated to jobbing on Raw every few weeks and his YouTube show has dropped off significantly since being overtaken by WWE’s channel. Going to TNA could pump some life into Long Island Iced Z’s lungs by providing him with some decent TV time. TNA’s creative production team might also be able to restore his YouTube show to its former glory. And, hey, we might even get that Ryder vs. Robbie E match.

5. Jack Swagger

Swagger is another guy who lacks a certain quality or ‘it factor’, which has prevented him from staying relevant in the blossoming midcard scene of the WWE. Taking his mat wrestling skills to TNA would be the perfect opportunity to develop his skills a bit more before potentially hopping back over to WWE. A rivalry with another incredible mat technician, Kurt Angle, could be the high-profile feud that puts Swagger back on the map.

4. Ted DiBiase, Jr.

DiBiase has the pedigree but he, like Swagger, lacks that ‘it factor’. It will be difficult for him to get himself back in the mix with WWE due to their emerging young talent, but if he took his talents to Orlando, his name alone would force them to put him on TV. Find a way to bring in his father as his manager and you’ve got the potential for a really good run. Having the DiBiase name running around TNA definitely wouldn’t hurt them either.

3. Brodus Clay

It took Clay forever to finally debut, and when he did, we were all pretty shocked at the Funkasaurus gimmick. Almost a year later, and the gimmick has worn thin and lost its appeal. Clay has barely had even a sniff of a legitimate program but his size and power alone would make him a daunting force in the smaller TNA locker room. The Impact Zone has been without a monster heel for some time now and Clay could be the perfect remedy. Throw him in with the Aces & Eights and you’ve got a moneymaker.

2. Kofi Kingston

I know this will never happen, since Kofi is far too marketable for WWE to ever let go, but Kingston is the prime example of a guy on the cusp who could push himself over the top in TNA. Kofi has the fans, he’s got the skill, and even his mic work is coming around, but there’s too many main event players in WWE for him to break out right now. Moving to TNA, a la Christian, would allow him the opportunity to shine in a thinner main event scene with less guys looking to burst onto the scene. Additionally, the Impact Zone faithful would likely shun his kid-friendly, sports entertainment demeanor, which could lead to a refreshing heel turn for Kofi.

1. Christian

This is another highly unlikely scenario, but as a long time Christian fan, I would love to see him have one more huge run. His two World title runs with WWE left me dissatisfied and wanting more, and he’s been too injury plagued as of late to remain in the main event picture. By moving back to TNA, Christian could open himself up for a big run with the title, which could once again set him up for a huge return to WWE. He could be the perfect last ditch, back-against-the-wall secret weapon for Hogan and Sting to bring in against Aces & Eights.

Who in WWE would you like to see make the move to TNA?