Adam wilkinson

10 Reasons Why The Streak Should NOT End

This blogger is getting concerned with the amount of comments that are appearing on either Articles or blogs about who should end the streak. I went through a stage of replying “nobody should” but I feel I should now give my opinions as to why it should not end. My reasons are as follows:

1) HHH and HBK. They are two of the very best WWE has ever seen. If these guys have had 5 attempts between them to end the streak, and failed every time, why should somebody, who in my opinion, will not be as good as they were, come along and beat Undertaker now?

2) CM Punk. His name has been mentioned as one who should end the streak. Now, I’m a Punk fan, his current character is great in an average storyline, and his ability is the best on the roster at present, but do I think he’s a big enough name to end the streak? This isn’t just any old streak, or a minimal size streak like Ryback, no. This is THE streak. Bigger than Goldberg’s streak in WCW. Is Punk a big enough name to finish it? In my opinion, no. Nobody else in WWE currently is, either.

3) John Cena. Love the guy or hate him, he will be lynched by true Wrestling fans if he does it. There was a sign held up by a fan during his Wrestlemania match with The Rock which read something along the lines of “If Cena wins we riot”. They will follow through with that threat if he did beat Taker. Plus, is a win against Taker going to aid his already peaked career? What more could that do to his character or place in WWE history?

4) 20-0. That number really needs to be focused on. That is a big number, big advantage. It’s not like he’s on a current streak of 7 after a loss, he has never lost. How would it look if it finished 20-1? Or 21-1 based on how many more Mania matches he has left? It would kill the streak if a “1” was added in the loss column, in my opinion.

5) The End of an Era match. We all saw how badly HHH beat the crap out of Undertaker in that match. The promos before were brilliant in regards to HHH knowing “what he had to do” in order to beat Undertaker, but still didn’t. Any other competitor wouldn’t have let their opponent do that to them in the match. It was obviously pre-determined that Taker would take that much punishment and still win. My point is that any other competitor would have refused to take that much punishment, therefore it shows how tough Taker is and shows what someone else had done to try and beat him, but still failed. If Taker loses with a simple GTS or AA or even F5, it would ruin the End of an Era match legacy.

6) Ric Flair. If and when the Nature Boy returns to WWE, let’s assume he will be involved in a promo somewhere along the line with whoever Taker’s opponent is, say Punk for example’s sake. If Ric Flair tells them that he was one of the victims of the streak, given his legacy in the business as a whole, as opposed to just WWE. How would it look if someone else came along and won? Naitch is a HOF’r twice, and he didn’t do it. Nobody else should either.

7) Kane. For same reasons as people above. He has tried (twice) and failed, so should they.

8) The nature of the matches he has had. Undertaker has been in a handicap match, a Hell in a Cell match, a No-DQ match, a Casket match. To have Undertaker lose to anybody in any other style of match would not be believable based on the fact he won in all of these stipulations.

9) The Undertaker himself. They guy has done it all in this business. Whichever gimmick he has had, he has been at the top of the list in WWE. His matches have either been Main Event or near. Nobody has stayed at the top as long as he has, so he deserves to remain undefeated at Mania. Why can’t Undertaker do what nobody else has, and retire on a win? I know it’s wrestling etiquette to lose on your way out, but why can’t Undertaker win? It’s not disrespecting the business, it’s respecting the Undertaker.

10) The WWE Universe. I’m sure if a poll was done, either on RSN or, which asked whether we the fans actually want to see Undertaker’s streak ended, regardless of who by, the majority of us would say no. Nobody would deserve to be the one to finish it, and Undertaker deserves to keep it in tact.

Wow, I actually managed to get 10 reasons there. Granted, a lot of them were Superstars themselves, but they are still true. I can’t see any advantages whatsoever in the streak ending.