Adam wilkinson

The new inductees into the H.O.P(Hall of Pain)

It's no secret Mark Henry has been gone for quite awhile. Well when he returns, (whenever that may be) he's gonna need some new guys to induct into his H.O.P

And not just necessarily that, but he needs a top caliber feud as well. So my guy for him to feud with is Ryback.

Although his streak has come to an end (thank god) he is still being built as an "unstoppable force". I believe Henry can change that, and quite fast.

And IMO, Mark has perfect reason to feud with him. You see, before Mark left, he was the so called unstoppable and dominant force. Much like the Jericho/Punk feud, Mark feels that Ryback is stealing his ways and trying to make them his. No he's not stealing any of his catch phrases (if he has any) or anything like that. But he's advertising himself as a man who can be stopped by anyone or any means necessary much like Henry .

That in itself is a slap in the face to Henry.He's the worlds strongest man and you think you can't be beaten eh? Well welcome to the H.O.P

Seeing as I am not a fan of neither, this would actually be a feud that I would like to see. I mean it's not always good to put two big guys their size in the ring together (ex. Tensai and Ryback) because the ring work usually gets screwed a bit, but I think these two could pull it off quite well. And I know Marks lost some weight, but humph, let's see Ryback try and lift what's left of him on his shoulders and march around, my popcorn will be ready.

Well just a suggestion as I am tried of the same feuds, opinions?