Adam wilkinson

Christian York: Future Champion

Gutcheck is one of the amazing things about TNA. It gives wrestlers who never had much success a chance to succeed. It also gives us a chance to see fresh new talent attempt to take on the wrestling world. Well, one of the more recent contestants on Gutcheck was none other than Christian York. If you do not know who Christian York is, he is the former partner of Joey Matthews, or Joey Mercury to you WWE folk. These two were partners and worked in various companies together, including WWE and TNA. These two won tag team titles in multiple companies, and eventually began nine time tag team champions with each other. Eventually, Joey Matthews garnered some success in WWE as a part of MNM, while York was stuck in the independents. He eventually left wrestling to focus on his personal life. Whenever he returned, he was stuck in the indies once again. Eventually, he got his opportunity at TNA through Gutcheck and is now a part of TNA.

Now, he was very impressive during his Gutcheck match against Zema Ion. He showed great skill and showed that he could not only excel as a tag team wrestler, but as a singles wrestler as well. When he got accepted by the Gutcheck judges, I was ecstatic. I was so excited to see what York would be able to accomplish and when he challenged Jeff Hardy, I was like, “Awesome! I cannot wait to see what this guy can do against the insanely overrated champ!” Sure, he lost, but he put up one heck of a fight against the champion of TNA, which says a lot. He really showed his talents and I loved it.

Now, to the point of my blog. Christian York is definitely a future champion in TNA. Now, I am not talking about the World Heavyweight Championship, but I feel that Christian York is a great contender for either the X Division Championship or the Television Championship. First, he is under the 225 lb. weight limit for the X Division, if that still applies. He isn’t the biggest high flyer ever, but then again, neither was Homicide. As for the Television Championship, he would need a bit more pushing to get to that level, but he definitely has the experience behind him to get up there. Hopefully TNA gives the guys what he deserves and pushes him to their best ability and give him chances at one of these titles.