Adam wilkinson

How WWE Got Themselves Into A Pickle

Up to this current point and in the coming months all the way up until Wrestlemania, WWE has gotten themselves into a big, fat, smelly pickle. Before I get into the current pickle, let's recap how long they've actually been in this pickle.

1) They failed to prepare for the inevitable. What I mean by this is, WWE failed to prepare for what might happen if John Cena ever got injured. The consequeneces of this was, WWE had to throw together a PPV main event with CM Punk and an untested Ryback which then led to the next pickle.

2) WWE had to choose Ryback's undefeated streak or CM Punk's title. It's obvious they wanted Ryback's streak to go on as long as possible, but it's also apparent that they want a return in long title reigns. So when this matchup got here, everyone was wondering what feat would bite the dust. We found out that WWE took the easy way out by having Ryback get screwed.

3) Dwayne vs. ??? for the WWE Title. By saying ahead of time that Dwayne would have a championship match at Royal Rumble created a pickle itself. Knowing that Dwayne will never be a full-time wrestler again and that he will continue to do movies, why would WWE give him a title shot? Obviously if they've already said he's going to receive a title shot, they're most likely going to give him the title. The problem with that is, if Dwayne wins the title at Royal Rumble, when will he defend it again? Most likely at Wrestlemania which benefits him greatly but hurts us as wrestling fans because there will be weeks that we don't know if we will see the WWE champion on tv or not. If Dwyane loses, WWE built this up for no reason at all.

4) What happens at Wrestlemania? If Dwayne happens to win at Royal Rumble, he most likely will hold the title until Wrestlemania but who would he defend it against? The most obvious answer would be John Cena but then they would basically be pissing on the whole "Once in a Lifetime" from last year's Wrestlemania. Other people say Brock Lesnar or Undertaker, but I think if it presents itself, the choice will be Rock vs. Cena. Now what if Punk retains up until Wrestlemania? Reports have said that creative has discussed Punk vs. Taker at Mania, but if that happens, a whole new pickle presents itself.

5) Outcome of Punk vs. Taker at Mania. If Punk wins in a pinfall or submission at Mania, then obviously "The Streak" would be over. However, if Taker was to defeat Punk, Taker would be champion and all will be well except for the fact that WWE would be in the same position they will be in if Dwayne wins at Royal Rumble. When will Taker defend the title? It's obvious Taker is always very beat up after Wrestlemania and is never in good enough shape to compete again until a year later. With that being said, there's no way for WWE to keep Taker's streak and still have Punk as champion unless they take the easy way out again and have Taker win by DQ. I know that's a screwed up way for a Taker Wrestlemania match to end, but that's the position WWE has put themselves in.

All of these problems that WWE has put themselves in could have been prevented if they would have just prepared for life without John Cena. By WWE putting all their chips on Cena has prevented them from elevating new and maybe more deserving guys to the main event level. Had they planned accordingly, they could have had different scenarios to try at Hell in a Cell instead of ending Ryback's undefeated streak. I'm not trying to be a Cena "hater", I'm just saying WWE dropped the ball and are now constantly trying to get their way out of a jam with no apparent end coming until after Wrestlemania.

As always everyone's input is wanted so feel free to agree or disagree with anything that I said.

Stay blessed everybody

Dee Thomas