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Yes, there are many people who have been blogged about and how they should turn heel, like Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, and even John Cena. However, I am here to talk about someone who was always better as a heel, and by better, I mean funnier. AND, this person has officially become one of the stalest people in the WWE (Even staler than John Cena). This guy’s name is Santino. Santonio. Santino. Sandusky. Santino. Santana. You get what I mean. Santino Marella.

As we all know, Santino is the “class clown” of the WWE. He is basically the “village idiot” known for doing some really wacky and idiotic things, such as doing a powerwalk down the ring, wearing a singlet, having a unibrow, and putting on a sock with coloring on it so it looks like a cobra. But, what do these antics mean? In reality, it just shows him acting like a huge idiot. It does absolutely nothing for his character and his credibility. There is one thing that Santino Marella really needs and that is a change of character. He needs to be a heel.

I think we all remember the heel Santino Marella. That was the best part of Santino’s career. His first leg as a heel was with Maria. During his relationship with Maria, he embarked on two hilarious feuds with Ron Simmons and Stone Cold Steve Austin, respectively. During the Ron Simmons feud, one of the memorable moments is when he attacked Ron Simmons in the backstage area and he was like, “DAM-A!” And then, during the Stone Cold feud, there was tons of great promos from Santino, one of my favorites being his parody of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab.” The lyrics for the song were hilarious and it is just hilarious. Another classic Santino moment was when Stone Cold brought back the beer truck and sprayed Santino and Maria. Santino was the victim as a heel, and being a victim was hilarious. After Maria and Santino ended their relationship, he eventually went with Beth Phoenix and formed Glamarella, which was, in my opinion, one of the oddest and funniest combinations in recent memory. From Santino’s rap in front of the RAW roster to his attempt at doing Melina’s signature split, his time as a part of Glamarella was hilarious, much better than his time with Maria.

Eventually, he turned face and his hilarity started going downhill. Ever since then, Santino hasn’t been the same and we’ve been seeing his stupid sock, his stupid walk, and his stupid Marella Martial Arts. Heel Santino really was good and I hope we can see heel Santino once again in the WWE.
Eva Paspalis
I agree, and every time his stupid opera music hits I'm like ugghhhh...again? Not to say that he doesn't have funny segments now, he does, but they are few and far between. His comic relief has made it so he is no longer credible as a wrestler. Unfortunately this has translated over to Zack Ryder to...
  • November 24, 2012
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Justin Barr
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