Adam wilkinson

The Miz! A Turn For Better OR Worse?

Whether you like him or not, we have all seen Miz, grow up before our very eyes. If your a fan of MTV shows, "The Real Wold" or "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge," Miz has been your television screen since 2001. During, Miz's run on MTV, you could see the pronounced passion, he had for the Wrestling business. Miz's time in the W.W.E has been spent as a heel, until now. With a slow start in the W.W.E, Miz hit the ground running in mid 2009, with a new look and attitude, that would start his rise to the 'Main-Event' scene. With, Miz's promos and in-ring work, finally coming together, he won the W.W.E Championship on November 22nd 2010. When Miz won the W.W.E Championship, the fans began to take notice and, also the W.W.E itself. The W.W.E had enough confidence in it's new champion, to let him carry the gold, into the Main-Event of 'Wrestlemania XXVII.' Miz would come out victorious on W.W.E's "Grandest Stage of them All" but, would drop the title a month later at, 'Extreme Rules' to John Cena. After two unsuccessful rematches for the Championship, Miz started to lose, "what brought him to the dance," so to speak. His in-ring work started to deteriorate, his promos became stagnant and, the swagger he once carried himself with, was lost. Miz had, "fallen from grace" and, spent the rest of 2011 and most of 2012 as a "shell of his former self."

Miz then took some time off to film, The Marine 3, making his return at 'Money in the Bank' in July. Gone was the signature 'fauxhawk' and, clean-cut shave. At first it seemed as if Miz was starting, the 2nd chapter of his career, with a tougher look and, what seemed to be a more serious attitude. But, we quickly found out it was, "Smoke and Mirrors" as even after time off, Miz had still not found the swag he once possessed. But, now Miz is looking at a 'changing of the guard' in his career, as he is now turning from one of the 'Most-Hated' to a, 'Fan-Favorite.' To some fans, they feel it is the proverbial, 'Kiss of Death' to Miz's career in the W.W.E. They see him as a heel and, feel as if he will lose his 'edge' by becoming a face. Other fans don't think, Miz has what it takes to be a 'Fan-Favorite' and, think it may ruin his character. But, I believe it is just what he needs to find the swag he once had!

Sometimes it is time for a change, and in my opinion, there is no better time than now. Miz's high-energy, loud-mouth persona, translates well to his new role and, at this point in his career, the fans are wanting to get behind him. I take it a lot to a, Mr. Kennedy situation. Kennedy started out as a, loud-mouth, obnoxious heel but, he was always entertaining in his promos and, as time went on, he won over a fan-base who wanted to cheer for him. Now, injuries and other things held Mr. Kennedy back, from being the star I always thought he would be but, Miz is now in the same boat, when it comes to winning the fans over. We can even take a look at Miz's track-record, to help illustrate, why I think this 'face-turn' is the best move for him. When Miz feuded with John Cena, he was loudly cheered and, I know a lot of people may think, "anyone gets cheered against Cena." That may be true to some degree but, Miz was also cheered during other situations that didn't involve Cena. His promo at Summerslam 2010 was the best thing on the show and, was loudly cheered. When he interrupted the 'Tough Enough' cast and Steve Austin, on Raw after Wrestlemania XXVII, he was loudly cheered again. There were other situations and times, he was playing the heel role and, loudly cheered to the point, I would say to myself, "it's time to turn him face." Miz has had appearances on Lopez Tonight and, other talk shows where he came off great, in that face role and, the most entertaining act on the show. The Miz has what it takes, to make this 'face-turn' work and over time, most of the fans will buy what he is selling because, he has finally found his swagger again. To top it off, he does a lot of media appearances, Make-a-Wish work and, television shows, that help make this 'face-turn' for the better and, not the worse.

If there is one thing I can say to any 'die-hard' fan of Professional Wrestling, including myself it's this, "take a wait-and-see approach to anything that happens." There are angles that I have denounced, before they ever got started and, ended up being very entertaining. On the flip-side there are angles that I have seen start off, 'Hotter than a Heatwave' that ended up, 'Colder than Ice-Cold Kool-Aid.' So, as much as we all think we know everything, we don't know anything until they give us the presentation. Miz may have found his niche' as a baby-face but, then again may have found his, 'Kiss of Death.' But, for better or worse, it's what we are going to get, when it comes to the future of, "The Awesome One."