Adam wilkinson

W.W.E vs. T.N.A! Talents who "Benefit from the Switch!"

A lot of fans love to tell you, "how they would change the business." A lot of fans love to tell you, "Why W.W.E and/or T.N.A sucks." Well, this fan is going to tell you, "Which talent would benefit from the switch." With an over-abundance of talent in both companies and, fans always in need of seeing fresh but, familiar faces. Gone are the days, fans would see talents jump from, E.C.W-to-W.W.E-to-W.C.W. In an era of 90-day non-compete clauses, and spoilers, it is hard to surprise the fans with anything. But, what if there was none of that, in this era? What if both companies decided to trade talents? What if the talent weren't so "job-scared" and, decided to "jump ship?" Would it freshen up the talents, who are in need of a, 'new coat of paint?' Would it expose talents, that we see a lot of potential in, as guys who couldn't 'hack it?' Or, would those talents finally, show us the potential that, we always knew they had? In W.W.E, you have very few "main-event" talents, you have a few more who are on the "brink of greatness" and, you have a lot of talent floundering in the 'mid-card.' In T.N.A, you have some talent who have gone as far as they can, you have some talent that have no direction and, you have a lot of guys who are back-and-forth in the mix. With all of these questions and, knowing where talent stands in both companies. The real question is, which talents "benefit from the switch" and, what companies benefit from that talent making the switch?

Let's start with the W.W.E. talent, who would "benefit from the switch." Like I said, there is a lot of talent floundering in the 'mid-card.' This guy fits the bill so much, that he may not even be considered a 'mid-card' player at this point. That is, Drew McIntyre and, he is one of those guys that is probably not a big surprise to most people because, a lot of fans do see the "untapped" potential in him. He is 27 years-old, a great story-teller and, for a guy his size, can bump and sell around that ring, to the likes of a Dolph Ziggler. The problem with Drew is, his lack of promo-ability and, charisma. But, I think a lot of that, has to do with what creative has written for him and, the way he has been told to portray his character. In fact, in his early career before W.W.E, he was known for his charisma and, in seeing early promos, he is not bad on the stick either. He falls under the category of, "needing a fresh start." T.N.A could use a guy his size, with his abilities, to help freshen up the T.N.A roster. Drew also possesses the ability of, bringing out the best in anyone, he gets in the ring with. It begs the question of.. Would T.N.A be better suited for the once touted, "Chosen One?"

Another talent in W.W.E that would "benefit from the switch" is, Jack Swagger. Sure, he is a former World Champion but, in the eyes of the "W.W.E Universe" he is a, LOSER. At 6'6, 250 lbs., 30 years old, with high-level amateur credentials. Swagger has the ability to have good matches with anyone but, he is just another guy floundering at that, 'mid-card' level. He has always shown a strong work ethic and, great intensity in his matches. Is he great on promos or, does he have the best charisma? No he doesn't but, he is decent-to-solid in both departments, with the ability to improve. The main reason Jack Swagger would, "benefit from the switch" is because, of the great matches he could have in T.N.A. T.N.A loves to use, "reality" style programming and, would build Swagger's persona around his amateur credentials. Think about it.. Swagger is ready-made for feuds with guys like, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe or, RVD. The matches would be very good to possibly GREAT! Besides, what else is he going to do in W.W.E? LOSE! The guy needs a "fresh start" and, would be a good fit, to make the switch to T.N.A.

The last talent from W.W.E is, Natalya Neidhart. We all know, if you compare the Knockouts and the Divas, who has the better roster when it comes to Women's Wrestling. With that said, Natalya Neidhart is really, the last of a dying breed in the Divas Division. Sure, Layla, A.J and, Eve are not bad in the ring but, Natalya is a 'work horse' wrestler. You wouldn't know it, because she is barely on T.V and, when she is her matches are never over 5 minutes but, this woman can "GO!" Even though she isn't hard on the eyes, she doesn't really fit, how W.W.E wants their "Divas" to look. In, T.N.A the "Knockouts" look good but, work-rate is much more emphasized. Natalya fits the bill in this scenario and, would "benefit from the switch" possibly, more than anyone on the W.W.E roster. She could, right away have great matches with any "Knockout" on the roster and, fit in as if she had been there for years. She has and, will pretty much always, flounder in the W.W.E. Honestly, making the switch would be, the best benefit to her career.

In T.N.A there are obviously more talents that would benefit from the switch, than there are in W.W.E. But, to keep this blog from becoming a novel, I am going to keep it at three. The first one, hands down is, Magnus. At 6'3, 235 lbs. and, only 26 years old, Magnus has been with T.N.A since 2008. T.N.A has done relatively nothing with Magnus, the whole time he has been with the company. The main thing is, I don't even have an answer as to, why they don't really use him. He is a good talker, shows solid charisma, 'jacked to the gills' and, very solid in the ring. T.N.A may be half-way using him with Samoa Joe right now but, let's face it, he would be better suited in the W.W.E. He could easily be slotted in a storyline with Wade Barrett or William Regal, just based on the fact, that he is from the U.K. It's not even the point of Magnus needing a, "fresh start" at this stage of the game. Magnus just needs a "start" period. The 'look' that Vince McMahon looks for, is easily defined in Magnus. For that reason alone, along with the actual talent that he brings to the table makes, Magnus the first T.N.A talent to, "benefit from the switch."

Another guy who, for nearly the same reasons as Magnus, that would benefit from the switch is, Gunner. At 6'1, 240 lbs and, only 29 years old, Gunner has been wrestling for 10 years. He is seasoned, shows amazing intensity and, is also 'jacked to the gills.' Like Magnus, T.N.A has really done nothing with Gunner, to this point in his career. Gunner is a very under-rated ring worker, shows an intense charisma and, solid in his promo ability. W.W.E could benefit from guys like, Magnus and Gunner, in a big way. They are ready for T.V and, if used right, could freshen up a very stale 'main-event' portion of the roster. Gunner would fair well in feuds with guys like Sheamus, Cena, Punk, etc. He also has, the 'look' that Vince McMahon loves to have, in his superstars. Gunner also has a background to go along with his intangibles. He is a War Veteran and, with W.W.E so heavy on, supporting and promoting the troops, he fills that role as well as anyone. Gunner could definitely "benefit from the switch" and, I would say, needs to make that switch soon.

There is a lot of talent from T.N.A, who could fill this third and, final spot. A few months ago, I would of said Matt Morgan but, he seems to be finally getting the strong push he deserves. Part of me thinks, with a little bit of developmental, Crimson would be a good candidate for this spot. Another part of me thinks, Bobby Roode because, he is so great of a talent, that he belongs in W.W.E just to show his skills on that big of a stage. But, the third and final spot goes to (drum roll please).... A.J Styles. A.J has been with T.N.A since day one and, since the Hogan regime came in, he has been 'lost in the shuffle' for the most part. I know it isn't on the same level but, after 14 seasons of being with the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning rejuvenated his career as a Denver Bronco. A.J Styles was T.N.A's Peyton Manning, he was there 1st round pick in 2002, and at one time, the face of T.N.A. Well, after over 10 years in the same spot, A.J isn't getting any younger and, has done all there is to do in T.N.A. A few people may not think A.J would "benefit from the switch" but, I tend to think otherwise. A.J is talented enough, motivated enough and, is respected enough, that I think he would thrive in that high-pressure situation. I believe the switch would breathe new life into a very talented but, stagnant character. A.J Styles at this stage of his career would, "benefit from the switch" and, the W.W.E as a whole, would benefit as well.

Whether any of these talents ever decided to make the switch or, not. One thing is for certain, it is a topic in wrestling that will never get old and, never die. Whether your a T.N.A fan, a W.W.E fan or, a fan of both, we all know plenty of wrestlers who would "benefit from the switch."