Adam wilkinson

Things That Must Happen Before 2012 Ends

Now that one of WWE's bigger pay-per-view events is over and 2013 is nearing, WWE needs to focus on the future. Some of the storylines are either played out already or are in need of a change. Listed below are a few items of discussion.

Tamina and AJ Must Get in the Ring It appears as if now WWE has decided to bring in a Diva to potentially shut AJ up. Tamina, which WWE fans no very little about is the perfect candidate. Someone fresh, and who hasn't seen much TV time, but is also very intimidating at first sight. A match between the two is a must.

Brad Maddox Somehow Needs to Be Part of the NXT Invasion Angle WWE keeps replying clips of him on TV even though his feud with Ryback is over, and he is off TV. Something better give here for showing all these clips. Something will probably make of this, and if it doesn't please stop showing the clips.

Randy Orton Must Make the Heel Turn Now I can't express this one enough. Reports indicate that his losing match may have to do with this turn. Not sure how it will play out if thats the case, but lets get this guy to that villian role we so desperately need.

Paul Heyman Needs Another Associate Does CM Punk really need a voice? I think not. It's good to have him around to help Punk get over as a heel though because Heyman is so naturally easy to hate considering he reeks of "grown man living in mothers basement, I'm fat so I hate everyone" personality. Did you catch that? Anyways, I believe Heyman's influence on TV could benefit a newcomer a bit more.

An End to the Cena/AJ Saga Does one need to express how much this needs to end?

Anyways, that's about it for things that need to happen. If you have any items you would like to see on WWE TV, please comment below. Thanks