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A New World Order?

For those of us who tuned in to the 26th anniversary of Survivor Series last night, most seemed to be hoping for a big angle or swerve to end the autumn entry of the ‘Big Four’. WWE didn’t disappoint.

In the second pay-per-view in as many months that ended with a shocking twist, CM Punk retained his WWE championship after interference from NXT big shots, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. The young superstars walloped Ryback and powerbombed him through the Spanish announce table, enabling Punk to pin a prone Cena to hold onto his title.

The huge angle has already drawn comparisons to the Nexus debut in 2010 and seems to fit right in with the long line of big Survivor Series debuts, which include future WWE Hall of Famers, The Undertaker and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. For these reasons, it is only natural to wonder where this storyline is headed and how it might all tie into our WWE champions grand plans.

My first thought as the three developmental studs hit the ring in their black security garb was… Kevin Nash. Big Sexy made some noise a few months back by openly suggesting that CM Punk revive one of the most dominant and controversial groups of all-time, the New World Order.

The nWo made noise from mid-1996 up through the twilight days of WCW’s run in the late 90s and is widely regarded as a massive game changer in the history of professional wrestling. They sought to bring a greater sense of realism and edge to an increasingly staler brand; sound familiar?

CM Punk, since is infamous worked shoot promo, has preached change to the stale brand that he, and many fans, have perceived the WWE to be. What better way to shake things up than with a fresh take on one of the edgiest factions in the history of the wrestling business?

Punk has proven his merit as a compelling leader of stables ranging from his days as the Straight Edge Savior to his run as the kingpin of the New Nexus. He has a contingent of like-minded wrestlers at his disposal, who are all primed to make an impact in a company that sees a large portion of its talent walking on egg shells to avoid rubbing the wrong people the wrong way.

Rollins and Ambrose are former independent wrestlers whose pasts are very similar to the former Ring of Honor wrestler turned WWE champion, CM Punk. Reigns comes from a long line of wrestlers, the Anoa’I family (‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia, The Rock, Yokozuna, etc), and he may be looking to separate himself from the bunch by making an immediate imprint on the WWE. And let’s not forget Brad Maddox, who openly stated on Raw that he was looking to “make an impact.”

With Punk’s leadership, the variety of looks and in-ring styles of the aforementioned talent, and Heyman’s polarizing personality, in my not-so-expert opinion, I think a revival of the nWo, which hasn’t been seen in over 10 years on WWE TV, would be exactly what the WWE Universe needs.

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