Adam wilkinson

Will Cashing in Money in the Bank do Dolph Ziggler Justice?

As we all know, Dolph Ziggler is the current holder of the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Briefcase. And ever since he won the Money in the Bank Briefcase, we’ve seen some of the worst booking in a very long time. He has been a victim. A victim of WWE Creative’s massacre on all talented WWE superstars, with Dolph Ziggler being one of the primary victims. Ever since his victory at Money in the Bank, he has been suffering a severe string of losses in singles competition. And most of the time, it is a completely clean victory.

This is really bad for Dolph Ziggler. Every loss he gains, his credibility as a future champion goes down. He has had multiple clean losses to former World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus. He has lost at both Summerslam and Night of Champions, and is now stuck in a storyline that has nothing to do with the Money in the Bank contract. The worst part is that he is in a storyline with John Cena of all people. John Cena. One of the most stale and boring wrestlers in the business is working with one of the most physically gifted in the business. At this point, John Cena has been removing Ziggler from the scene and practically “defeating” him. Every time this happens, I see a shorter and shorter World Title reign. I really hope that WWE booking will wise up soon and give Ziggler a bit of a push from his recent slump.

So, onto my main point. The Money in the Bank has been successfully cashed all but one time (Thanks to the idiocracy of John Cena). And in these successful cash-ins, we have seen title reigns that meant something (Edge) and reigns that were more than forgettable (Jack Swagger). I hope it is on the meant something side and it gives Dolph Ziggler that one little kick to the main event scene. But, at this point, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. When Ziggler cashes in, I think it really won’t do him justice. He is clearly not being shown to be World Heavyweight Title material, even though he truly is. I just hope WWE Booking wises up for once and chooses the right person to win...