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The Big Show currently holds the World Heavyweight Championship belt but history tells us that Show won't hold the title for a long time. Since there is most likely a title change coming up in the near future, creative needs to think carefully who they pin him up against. Here are a few possible and note so possible choices.

* Mark Henry - He's been out of action for a long time, and deservingly, Mark Henry should't have to start his way from the bottom and work his way back to the top when he does make his WWE return. The only downside to this is, Mark Henry is best as heel, so as is The Big Show and WWE probably wouldn't pin heel against heel.

* Daniel Bryan - His feud with Kane is nearing it's end. Daniel Bryan is almost a babyface as is and he is destined for a big push, and now could be the time. All thats left to do is drop Kane off somewhere on the side of the road.

* Randy Orton - Popular choice here. However, Randy Orton is due to be turning heel soon. Many would agree Randy is best at capturing the title as a heel, rather than being a heel and then making the heel switch.

* The Miz - This one is a long shot as he is mainly a Raw roster guy only. Plans for The Miz seem to be up in the air after his rumored babyface turn. We could see nice feud between Orton and The Miz in the near future, but I don't know about a babyface turn followed by an immediate World Title run. But then again, you never know in WWE.

* Wade Barrett - Talk about being put at the bottom and having to work his way back up. Barrett has been back now for several months and really hasn't done much but elbow people? Anyways, he diffidently far from wearing gold around his waist.

* Dolph Ziggler - The last name to mention here on the list and probably the most likely to capture gold soon. Zigger is the heel that gets over currently. He has been waiving his briefcase around for quiet some time now, and many, including me feel as if this may be his time to shine. However my question is, does he get over the as the babyface champion, or does he do it in heel fashion, and if so, who does he battle with to make his title reign most memorable?

Well that's it for this blog. Just a few possibilities that I had in mind for the next few weeks to come.

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