Adam wilkinson

Team Awesome Hell?

Sorry, I meant to put this out yesterday, but I was busy. So if there are any spots where is says yesterday, I am referring to RAW.

During RAW two nights ago, we discovered the fifth and final member of Team Foley through a poll via Twitter. It could’ve been Santino Marella (Thank God it wasn’t). It could’ve been Zack Ryder (Woo Woo Woo You Know It). However, it wasn’t either of those guys. It was none other than the Miz. That is right. The Miz, known for being a heel, is beginning to take a face turn. At this point, I’d he is on the edge of heel and tweener, more or less, leaning towards tweener. Since he was voted to be the fifth member, he and Kane would take on Team Rhodes Scholars. However, this choice to have the winner of the poll team with Kane has stirred up a little controversy and jealousy. Daniel Bryan was not happy at all with Kane being chosen to partner with the poll winner. He claims that he would have objected to being with another partner. So, Daniel Bryan came out and sat at ringside during the match, and did some cheering, mainly for Kane, saying Kane was doing most of the work. Eventually, Daniel Bryan got involved and he was trying to attack the Miz. In the end, however, the Miz and Kane defeated Team Rhodes Scholars. Now, Daniel Bryan comes into the ring holding up Kane’s hand. The Miz is claiming that Daniel Bryan tried to attack him. Now, there is a whole conflict between the three that is stirring up Team Foley.

I believe that adding Miz into the equation is breathing new life into this storyline which has been growing stale for the past few weeks. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing pretty much the same things that we’ve been seeing, with the “I’M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS” constantly. There have been a few funny moments, like when Kane slapped Daniel Bryan’s butt and Daniel was like, “No!” That was great. However, besides that, nothing has happened with them and they are to the point of being totally stale. The Miz could really make an interesting storyline and I cannot wait to see what this storyline has in store at Survivor Series.