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Well Well Well WWE does it again. We all know that the King Jerry Lawler died technically on the set of Monday night RAW over 9 weeks ago. Jerry is one of the GREATEST PERFORMERS ever to live. I followed Jerry for over 20 years. I loved the deal with Andy Kaufman as well it was good TV. But for WWE namely Vince to allow this disgusting display of words, actions and TV time for CM Punk to come out and ruin the return of the KING is beyond me.

CM Punk my have gotten all kinds of tweets, emails, calls and text regarding the issue that happened that night. In all honestly it wasn't Punks fault that it happened. Jerry just flew in from a another wrestling deal that he did the night before and flew straight to RAW for the show. Jerry's body was tired and worn out from the match and the flight and then a match with CM Punk. Jerry is 62 years old and his body really can't handle the heavy schedule of the WWE or the demand of wrestling at a moment’s notice regardless of the story line.

Vince should of NEVER let this go on TV like it did. I am very surprised that Vince even didn't come out and say anything. I knew that Punk was going be allowed to come out a do the whole slap in the face to Jerry, but it's not right and should of never been done. These days the wrestling business is all performing for the fans and the spectacle not the making fun of a bad situation or even death. What if Jerry never of made it back to the world or even WWE in that matter then what.

CM Punk is getting away with everything these days. We ask ourselves why? Well it's because Punk is going to be the next big deal for WWE with the departure of HHH, Taker, Kane and sometime down the road Cena. Jericho is gone the Rock is coming back Lesanr is coming back, but WHEN. WWE needs to watch themselves with the actions of the company and the wrestlers making statements like Punks last night. I was watching the PPV that Owen Hart fell and died. Of course some fans thought it was a stunt and nothing really happened until JR made the announcement, I fell out of my chair. The PPV went on and I know for a fact that it was very VERY hard thing to do that night for everybody. Jerry fell out of his chair and clinically died in front national TV and 1000's of fans in attendance. Things like this should never even be used in any story line. I really don't think the company will suffer for this story line, but I'm sure Vince is going to see some type of hate mail on this I myself wanted to call WWE HQ and flip my lid and voice my opinion, but I also knew it wouldn't of made a difference. So I'm here typing my thoughts on it here.

Jerry Lawler gave his permission for this to happen or we wouldn't of seen it unfold on TV. Here’s the thing one of these days WWE or even one of the other companies are going to go too far and it's going to cost them some money. Look at the Hart Family deal and the WWE problems that were somewhat resolved and some that weren't, but I'm pretty sure Vince made do to satisfy the issue to a point. WWE is probably paying for the bills in Owen House that's for sure. I feel that the family lines and the health lines really don't need to be put into the story that unfolds in front of us monthly.

We as fans deserve more than crap that we are seeing on TV these days. If I want crap I'll take a sh** and stare out it. I don't know if Vince is going to be pushing any other things besides more shows that gives us the same crap each week. Maybe when Ric Flair makes his RE RE RE RE RE DEBUT AGAIN things will change.

WWE needs to get back to the whole aspect of wrestling and giving us something worth watching each and every week. I'm 32 years old and I'm getting tired of the same ole situation same ole song and dance.

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