Adam wilkinson

Turning Point Preview/Predictions

Okay, so here is a preview of TNA’s next PPV, Turning Point, along with a few predictions:

Tara & Jessie Godderz vs. ODB & Eric Young

Okay, so, this match is interesting, to say the least. Basically, Tara mentioned for weeks that she had a Hollywood boyfriend. After she defeated Miss Tessmacher for the Knockouts title, we saw Jessie Godderz unveiled to the TNA Universe. Eventually, ODB entered the title picture, and ODB was not happy at all with Jessie getting involved. So, ODB challenged Jessie on Open Fight Night and Jessie won. Then, on the most recent Impact, ODB defeated Jessie and Tara in a two-on-one handicap match, but after, attacked ODB and dumped beer on her, which led ODB to challenge Tara & Jessie against her & Eric Young. I think that this could be an entertaining match and could be very comedic to see the interaction from both Eric Young and ODB, as well as Eric Young and Jessie Godderz. I could realistically see this going either way, but I am just going to take a shot at it and say Tara & Jessie Godderz, if they want to keep them credible. If they lose, it would seem they’d kill the credibility they have and it wouldn’t make sense calling them a “Power Couple” anymore.

DOC vs. Joseph Park

Another intriguing matchup, between Joseph Park and DOC, or Luke Gallows and Festus to you WWE folk. I happen to like Joseph Park and his character, as he plays Joseph Park very well, almost as well as he does Abyss. I absolutely loved it whenever Joseph Park broke free from the cuffs and started lighting up that Aces & Eights member. Then, a couple weeks ago, we saw Joseph Park unmask DOC, who then placed him into a table. Ever since, Joseph Park has wanted to get his revenge on Aces & Eights, especially DOC. I feel that this is Joseph Park’s time to get revenge, but will his attempt to get revenge go the way he planned? I do not think so. I believe that the match will start out with DOC getting the upperhand and taking down Park. Suddenly, Park gains the advantage and takes down DOC. Eventually, Park has DOC in position for a finisher of some sort. At that point will the rest of Aces & Eights come out and distract Park and allow DOC to gain the win. After the match, I’d say expect a post-match assault.

Joey Ryan vs. Rob Van Dam - X Division Championship

Once again, this match is very interesting as well. We haven’t seen much Joey Ryan, but in his first true PPV match against an active wrestler, so this is Joey Ryan’s true time to shine on the PPV spotlight. This is truly the time where we can see Joey Ryan give it his all and show why he deserves to be a future TNA champion. He needs to show the 87% that he deserves his contract! However, can he pull it off against RVD, who is still somewhat fresh off winning his title? I don’t think so. RVD defeated Zema Ion at Bound for Glory for the X Division Championship in the opening match. This was great to see RVD a TNA champion once again. Then, after he defeated Zema Ion in a rematch, Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan come out and attack him. They eventually fought each other the next week on Open Fight Night, which Ryan won after interference from Matt Morgan. Because Joey won, he earned a title opportunity against RVD at Turning Point. Now, this match has not had much buildup, but it could be interesting. I can’t wait to see RVD fight Joey Ryan, because Joey Ryan still has a lot to prove. I firmly believe that RVD will win, but we will see an impressive performance from Joey Ryan.

Devon vs. Kurt Angle

Another TNA vs. Aces & Eights match. Devon vs. Kurt Angle. This all started with Devon’s unmasking at Bound for Glory. Ever since we found out that Devon is a member of Aces & Eights, Bully Ray has wanted a piece of Devon. However, Hulk Hogan would not give him a chance. I am drifting away from the point, so Kurt Angle won a match to be considered for a match for the World Heavyweight Championship. He lost, and after the match, he was brutally attacked by Aces & Eights. This lead Kurt Angle to wanting a shot at Aces & Eights, especially Devon. So, this is how this match transpired. I don’t think this match will be the greatest, to be honest. There will be a few good points in the match, but overall, I feel this will be one of the not so great matches of the PPV. I believe that Devon will win in a similar manner as I think DOC will win.

Magnus vs. Samoa Joe - No DQ Television Championship

I love Magnus. This guy is great in pretty much every aspect of the sport. He is great on the mic, great in the ring, great personality. This is why I feel he should be getting pushed towards the World Heavyweight Title. But for now, he is in a fairly good feud with Samoa Joe over the Television Championship. After all, Samoa Joe was the one that eliminated him from the Bound for Glory Series. Magnus then decided to challenge Joe for the title at BFG, which really got the feud swinging. Magnus and Joe had a really good fight, showing that they both are great. That is why I think that this match will be great, especially since it is No Disqualification. I cannot wait to see these guys go all out in what should be an awesome match. For this match, I predict Magnus to win the Television Championship.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez - Tag Team Titles

Ever since these two formed a tag team, Chavo & Hernandez have wanted to capture the TNA Tag Team Titles. They did just that at Bound for Glory, defeating Daniels & Kaz and AJ Styles & Kurt Angle. Ever since then, Daniels & Kazarian have been bitter about getting their tag team titles back, and have invoked their rematch clause for a match at Turning Point. In my opinion, I believe Chavo Guerrero was somewhat rushed into the title picture. I feel like he shouldn’t be going for the tag titles, but should be going for the X Division title. As for Hernandez, I believe that he should be going for either the Television Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship. However, I just don’t see that happening soon, so I predict Hernandez & Chavo winning and retaining their gold.

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm vs. AJ Styles - #1 Contenders Match

There isn’t much of a backstory in this match, but it doesn’t need it. This match is going to be one of the best, if not, the best of the past few months. We have Bobby Roode who is an amazing heel who has a great character as the “It Factor” and is great to watch inside the ring. We know he can bring great matches with tons of people, especially the next person in the match, James Storm. I am not that big of a fan of James Storm. I hate his mic work. It is terrible, to be honest. If he’d just shut up and fight, I’d like him a lot more. He did truly do some great fighting during his match at BFG with Bobby Roode. The one I am most excited to see is AJ Styles. This guy is phenomenal. He brings in great in-ring ability. He truly does fly, making some truly great moves, such as the moonsault style dive outside of the ring (don’t know the technical name). He is definitely one of the best to step in the ring in the past 10 years. I honestly cannot wait to see him in this match. Now, for this match, this one is tough to predict. My prediction is: James Storm pinning AJ Styles. I hope this is reversed, and it is AJ Styles pinning James Storm, but I just don’t see it happening.

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy - Ladder Match for World Heavyweight Championship

This should be an amazing match. This rivalry began after Jeff Hardy won the Bound for Glory Series, in which the smacktalk began. These guys did not like each other. From the promos to the tag team matches, Aries wanted to prove that he is the Greatest Man That Ever Lived. At Bound for Glory, that did not seem true, as he was defeated by Jeff Hardy. Ever since then, Aries has had a grudge against Hardy and on the most recent Impact, attacked Hardy while he was on top of a ladder. Now, it is time to see two of the best in the business today fight it out in a ladder match. These guys are born to do these kinds of matches. Jeff Hardy is known to be one of the greatest wrestlers in ladder match history. Austin Aries is the exact guy you’d see in one of these matches, so he is basically at home. These two guys who are perfect for ladder matches going at it? This match will be fast-paced with hard falls, unique moves, and ladder shots everywhere. I am so excited for this match. I predict Hardy to retain the title, considering he just won it and it is unusual to see it change in a short amount of time.

As you can clearly see, TNA has a B-PPV that not only has an insanely good card, its card completely destroys the one of its November counterpart, Survivor Series. TNA has a full card with 8 matches announced before the PPV, while WWE has three matches with less than eight days till Survivor Series. Overall, I cannot wait to see this PPV. It will be one of the best PPVs of the year, no doubt about it.