Adam wilkinson

Because I’m the Miz!! And I’m…..Well, At The Moment Not That Awesome

As of late a certain “must see” superstar who refers to himself as the Awesome One, has looked like neither. Coming off of four consecutive losses to the new Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, the Miz finds himself in what has to be one of the worst slumps of his career. It seems like it was just yesterday when he captured his first ever Intercontinental Championship from Christian at Raw 1000. It’s hard to believe that Miz won that title all the way back in July and had a solid four-month reign. During which he successfully defended his championship on numerous occasions against the likes of Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Sin Cara and the aforementioned Christian. But all good things must come to an end, and in the Miz’s case the end came too soon. It would be on the October 17 edition of WWE Main Event where everything came to a unfortunate halt for the Miz. Since losing the title to Kofi Kingston that night, the former WWE Champion is in a bit of a downward spiral. After losing to the red hot Kingston a few more times and quitting Team Punk (now Team Ziggler), one has to wonder if something new is in the works for the Miz. Dare I say the dreaded face turn? There have been slight rumblings of that happening. Or perhaps this is just the start of something big for the former reality star. After all, he is on the official poster for the PPV so you’ve got to believe something big is in store for him. Come Survivor Series we shall find out.

You know, during the Miz’s four-month reign as the Intercontinental Champion, it wasn’t all bad news. In fact there were a bunch of bright spots for the young main-eventer. But as soon as Kofi Kingston came into the picture, all of those bright spots quickly turned dark. Not only did Kingston take the Intercontinental Championship from Miz in what was a hell of a match, but he also became his worst nightmare. Losing three more times to Kofi in the following weeks including one last rematch for the title, has landed Miz in hot water. Although he is clearly in a funk right now, there’s no need for him to hang his head as Kofi is just on fire at the moment and in the midst of what looks like a big push. But to give you a little insight as to just how bad it’s been for him recently, listen to this. During one of his battles with Kofi Kingston, not only did he lose the match but to add insult to injury, Kofi hit him with Trouble In Paradise in what has to be one of the stiffest kicks/spots in a wrestling match I’ve ever seen. I mean you could clearly hear the impact practically all over the arena. The punishing maneuver opened Miz up and may have loosened a few screws in that big head of his in the process. To cap things off with the Jamaican highflyer, Miz offered his hand in defeat this past Tuesday on Super Smackdown Live. You’d think that the least the Miz could get was a handshake but even that plan blew up in his face (literally) as Kofi nailed him with a dropkick right in the mush. The Intercontinental Champion wasn’t buying the nice guy/good sport act, but should we? A face turn, as controversial as it could be, may be just what the doctor ordered for Mr. Mizanin. Survivor Series in Indianapolis could be the ideal setting for this possible career change.

If the one time most must see WWE Champion in history does in fact turn face at Survivor Series, how will it be done? While a face turn would certainly shake things up, is it really the right thing to do? In my humble opinion, I think that the Miz, like Randy Orton and others, is a natural heel. I think that he likes playing the bad guy and thrives on the heel heat. To me that’s what makes him awesome. I’ve been a fan of the Miz for a little while now and I’m accustomed to seeing him perform as the villain. So if he were to become a “good guy”, it would definitely be an adjustment. To be honest it would probably take me a little while to get used to his new act. With all of that being said, I could see a scenario playing out at Survivor Series that would present the perfect opportunity for Miz to turn. Remember, on Raw this past Monday, he quit Team Punk. Maybe he has a little hostility toward the whole team and decides to make his presence felt toward the latter part of the match. He comes in and drops whoever the lone/remaining member of Team Ziggler is, allowing Foley’s squad to pick up the win. That’s just one possibility and now that I think about it, Miz could actually turn face before we even get to Survivor Series!! What I mean by that is, there’s still an open spot on Team Foley so maybe on Raw Monday he somehow finagles his way onto the team, and never looks back. Hey if there’s a possibility for an Orton heel turn at Survivor Series then why not a Miz face turn too? Quite frankly I prefer the Miz as a heel as I think he’s great at playing the pain in the ass character and getting under the skin of others. While I don’t doubt he’d be a successful face, as kind of the goofy guy who’s also a little arrogant but gets the job done every time, I think it’d be in Vince’s best interest to keep him heel for now.

Along with guys like Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Daniel Bryan, and the guy who has recently given him fits, Kofi Kingston, the Miz is the future of WWE. He has already accomplished quite a bit in his short tenure with the company and you’ve got to believe that he’s far from finished. There are still many obstacles inside that squared circle that the Awesome One has to conquer, but just like every superstar I’m sure he’s ready for the challenge. As wrestling’s 26th annual fall classic draws nearer, November 18 could be the sight of something none of us have ever seen before. Will we see the obnoxious loud mouth known as the Miz become what he has been the complete opposite of his whole career? I hope not but with the way things have gone for him lately, it may be his best option.