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Survivor Series Will Be a Bust

As we all know, Survivor Series is quickly approaching. So far, we already know one match: Team Punk vs. Team Foley. Well, it USED to be Team Punk vs. Team Foley. It has become Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler. This, in my opinion, doesn’t make too much sense. What the heck is Foley’s purpose in this? He is having an issue with CM Punk, not Ziggler, not Sandow, not Rhodes, not Del Rio, not Barrett, but Punk. So, really, there is no point to having Mick Foley involved with the matchup. So, now, this is just a random match with tons of rivals facing each other, but it doesn’t have a purpose anymore. Now, it seems like filler.

So, the reason for Punk and Ryback leaving their respective teams is because Vince McMahon has now scheduled a triple threat match for the WWE Championship, Ryback vs. Cena vs. Punk. So now, we have another long, terrible, boring chapter in the Ryback-Punk-Cena storyline, when Cena basically has left the storyline. Cena should not be involved in this match because he has a whole other storyline going on: The AJ Scandal. They should have him focusing on that and not on a WWE title match.

Both of those matches don’t even begin the issues that this PPV will have. This PPV is known to be one of WWE’s biggest PPV events of the year, yet I don’t think we can even say that without dying laughing, because at this point, we have a bad PPV. First off, these two matches have been basically seen before, I can easily predict seeing Ryback using his incredibly limited moveset and do nothing cool. Cena, same thing. Punk, I can expect him trying his best to make the match good like at HIAC, but failing because of Cena and Ryback. Now, the Survivor Series match won’t be that great because it will basically be a combination of matches we’ve seen before, like Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton and Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars. And since it lost most of its purpose, it won’t be that interesting. Now, there is also the World Heavyweight Title match. Big Show vs. Sheamus was solid at HIAC, but I don’t see it being much better at HIAC, there could be more intensity in the match because of more recent buildup.

Which leads me to my next point. WWE only gave them three weeks to make and build up a whole PPV. There is absolutely no doubt there will be multiple filler matches at Survivor Series, just wait.

So, overall, I believe that Survivor Series should be a stellar PPV, except WWE just didn’t give Survivor Series any chance to be successful, they just let it flop, hang there. I can see this as being Hell in a Cell 2.0.

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