Adam wilkinson

Ryback vs Punk is Becoming a Bore Fast

I mean nothing draws my attention in this feud, nothing absolutely nothing. Firstly Ryback shouldn't even be in the place he is in now for serval reasons. But thats not his fault, cause when your boss doesn't push anybody but the golden boy what else can you do when times get rough?.

Right now, Ryback isn't ready for whats been handed to him. He hasn't earned it. He walked before he crawled,and ran before he walked. And from my point of view, he obviously can't take the ball and roll with it.

To me, HIAC was his moment to shut the mouths of people like me, but IMO he blew it. He just didnt deliver. He didn't work the match the way he could have, didn't sell hardly any of the moves punk was throwing at him and overall he just sucked. He got the crowd behind him on some parts(besides the Goldberg chants) I'll give him that, but that's all.

I mean, Punk is too far off on another level to be fooling around with the likes of Ryback. I understand times are rough in the roster right now, and that's not his fault, it's vinces. Punk is the WWE Champion and should be feuding with top caliber guys, not some guy who just picks guys up on his back and marches around.

As the title stated, this feud hasn't even really come full circle yet and it's already a bore.

I don't know about you guys, but Survivor Series needs to come quick, it's just the beginning and I am so ready for the end.