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Now that Hell in a Cell is said and done, WWE is rapidly approaching the downhill slope to Wrestlemania.

With Survivor Series just around the corner however, the time has come for Superstars to leave their mark and stake their claim for a spot on the Wrestlemania card.

Along with this though, the time has also come for WWE to begin promoting the future main eventers in the company.

And the next step in that process comes at Survivor Series.

After Ryback’s dispay of dominance over CM Punk last night, it begs the question, who else is ready to take the next step leading into the last of WWE’s ‘big four’ pay-per-views?

First and foremost, Kofi Kingston is definitely ready.

Having recently admitted The Miz brought out his ‘darker’ side, Kingston may be approaching a crossroads in his career.

At 31-year-old, and currently amidst his fourth Intercontinental Championship reign, it really is now or never for Kingston to break into the main event scene.

As Survivor Series emerges on the horizon, what better way to elevate Kingston than to turn him heel at the big event and prepare him for a character change heading into the new year?

Second on the list of reform is Cody Rhodes.

It often seems Rhodes is in a similar situation to Kingston, going from Intercontinental Champion to drifting back into the tag team scene with a different partner each time.

But why?

Rhodes is one of the most talented wrestlers on the entire roster.

Technically Rhodes is excellent and even better on the mic.

It hasn’t always been this way however.

Rhodes has improved immensely in the ring and physically in the last two years.

So why not reward such improvement by promoting Rhodes as a top heel in the company.

This can be easily achieved by giving him more opportunities at a world title from Survivor Series onward.

Lastly, it’s time to put the spotlight back on The Miz.

It’s been a tough year for the former WWE Champion, but there are rumours currently circling regarding The Miz’s possible readmission into the main event scene.

And there may not be a better opportunity to promote the Cleveland resident than at Survivor Series – this time however, as a face.

After years of being a heel, and shamelessly promoting WWE outside of the ring, the time has come for The Miz to be given a chance to take John Cena’s place as the top face in the company.

With Cena’s character well and truly stale by now, The Miz may be one of the only wrestlers on the roster with enough experience and a ‘clean’ enough image to give Cena a run for his money.

It won’t happen by continuing to keep him in the mid-card picture however.

As Survivor Series approaches, and with the road to Wrestlemania not far behind it, the time certainly has come for WWE to begin promoting the top, mid-card talent into the main event picture.

Whilst Ryback is finally making big waves in the main event scene, there really isn’t any reason why Kingston, Rhodes and The Miz can’t do the same heading into next year's Wrestlemania.

If anyone is to follow in Ryback’s footsteps however, they firstly need the same opportunity to shine.

And what better opportunity is there than at Survivor Series?
Dave Edge
would be good if some of the midcarders are pushed, but they won't be, unfortunately
  • October 30, 2012
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Justin Barr
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