Justin Barr

Tonight's show will feature the fallout from WWE's Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Should be an interesting night ahead of us. WWE has to put together a full card for the next WWE pay-per-view event, Survivor Series which is only 3 WEEKS AWAY!

Here are some focus points on tonight's show and what I can see potentially happening.

Vickie Guerrero brings her evidence on AJ Lee and John Cena: Not really sure as to why John Cena is being put into this picture. I originally thought this would be a build to a possible Vickie vs. AJ feud. I guess WWE likes to throw John Cena into something when it sucks to try to justify it as being "important." This is a perfect example.

Kane and Daniel Bryan regroup? - Certainly hope that they don't. I predicted in my Hell in a Cell blog that these two would split up and go their separate ways, but I guess that isn't what WWE has in mind for the two. Generally when WWE puts two guys together, they eventually will break up and feud with each other and then move on. By the looks at where we stand with this odd ball team, we will probably have to see these guys continue working a program together for a while, because they are just now "turning" on each other again?

Ryback's revenge on CM Punk: There has already been talk of a rematch between the two at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Hopefully they DO NOT involve John Cena anymore in this program then what we've already seen of him. This program doesn't need John Cena, and we don't want John Cena. If WWE does decide to pin these two together again in a match at the PPV, another screw job ref won't go over as well as it did the first time. (Please don't make Cena the ref either)

Potential Sheamus/Show rematch: Every champion almost gets their rematch most of the time by the next pay-per-view event. I expect WWE to work on setting it up soon. Like I mentioned above, only 3 weeks to build up the next pay-per-view event.

Dolph Ziggler's plan of cashing in? Dolph has teased over and over again on cashing in. At this point I'm starting to consider that he may be the first WWE star to have his contract expire. Who knows, but hopefully he cashes in soon.

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