Adam wilkinson

Ryback Needs a New Finisher

I think we all can see that Ryback has definitely made an impact in the WWE and has drastically changed it since. He has made a lasting impression on many people. He has squashed former world champions, such as Jack Swagger and The Miz. He has even Shellshocked the WWE Champion, CM Punk. That brings me to my main point: I believe that Ryback needs a brand new finishing maneuver. This one doesn’t seem like a very credible finisher. Basically, Shellshocked is a running Samoan drop. He is shown as a big, strong guy who destroys everyone in his path. However, his finisher is an itty-bitty Samoan drop. People that are half his size have better finishers (Ex: The Amazing Red’s Code Red). So, basically, I have come up with a few ideas for finishers that would make him seem more devastating and destructive:

Package Piledriver: I love this maneuver. Kevin Steen makes this move look great and executes it beautifully, so why can’t Ryback? I can definitely see Ryback using this move. It gives him the tough image. This is definitely a move I’d like to see him use.

Spinning Sitout Powerbomb: Another Ring of Honor inspired finishing maneuver courtesy of Michael Elgin. Ryback has used the powerbomb before, and it has been pretty destructive. However, a spinning sitout powerbomb is even more destructive and it so cool to watch, just like the package piledriver. This, in my opinion, is another great option.

Top-Rope Sitout Powerbomb: Another sitout powerbomb, but this time, we elevate it. A top-rope sitout powerbomb would be devastating, destructive, and very cool to watch.

Spear: I only put this on here because someone mentioned it. I’d say no, mainly because it would make Ryback TOO much like Goldberg. The Chants of Goldberg-Hammerhan shall sound in the arena, one last time!

Snapmare into an Inverted Brainbuster: Let me explain this one. So, basically he does a snapmare, but while the guy is in midair, he adjusts the positioning of the guy and turns it into an inverted brainbuster, which is basically the same concept as an inverted DDT. This move would be sweet, as it would be something we have never really seen before.

Ryback is dominant. He is tough and imposes fear on many and can really get the crowd pumped. However, he could do all of that even more effectively if he had a more credible finishing maneuver. Vote here as to what move you think that Ryback should use. Thanks for reading my blog.