Adam wilkinson

Ways Dolph Ziggler Can Steal the Show at Hell in a Cell

Dolph Ziggler claims that he "steals the show," but how often does that truly happen? Ziggler is the self proclaim "Show Off" in the WWE and many think it's time for him to step up to the plate and hit a home run and he will have that chance at this Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view, hopefully. Here are a few ideas in which Ziggler can do to capitalize on stealing the show.

* Cash in the MITB Briefcase - If there was a time to cash in, now would be the time. Sheamus' title run has grown stale, and WWE needs a new fresh face to hold the World Heavyweight Championship title.

* Get Rid of Vickie Guerrero - Does Ziggler really need a mouth piece, or better yet, someone screaming at ring side while he wrestles? Vickie just got promoted to the supervisor of Raw, and it may be time to split the pairing of Ziggler and Vickie up. Dolph has proven that he defiantly knows how to work the microphone time and time again when given the chance. I think its time to take the mute button off and let this guy rip on everything and everyone.

* Turn Face - It's no secrete, Dolph Ziggler can get over as a heel, however we have yet to see him as a face. Maybe turning Ziggler face may help him get over to the next level of his destined success in the WWE.

* Interrupt the WWE Championship HIAC Match Between Punk and Ryback - This one is a long shot, considering Ziggler isn't even in the current program with Punk and Ryback. However, if WWE played this card out, I think it would be most shocking because no one would see it coming. The question is, who would he screw over in this match?

Anyways, these are just a few things that came to mind on ways Ziggler can step up his game and REALLY steal the show. If you have any suggestions for Ziggler, feel free to comment below.