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Who Is Going To Be The Traitor At Bound For Glory...Sting Or Bully Ray?

And we are just three short days away from finding out who the traitor really is. That is, if there really is a traitor amongst them. I will go out on a limb and say that there is a slim possibility that neither of them are part of Aces and Eights and will be able to be a cohesive unit and defeat them at Bound for Glory. But that wouldn't make any sense with the stipulation that was made a couple weeks ago. That stipulation was that if TNA's team won then Aces and Eights would go away but if Aces and Eights wins then they get to stay around and have full access. If that stipulation hadn't been made then I could see a case for where neither one of these guys would be a traitor at all and they would win clean and there would be no more Aces and Eights. But since we still have no real identity of who is all behind the group and part of the group and it would make no sense for them to just drop the storyline all together when it hasn't reached it's full climax quite yet, then it makes perfect sense to look into the possibility that either Sting or Bully very well may be the traitor and be part of Aces and Eights. Let us look at each of them individually and assess who is at an advantage of being the traitor.

Bully Ray...If I were a betting man and I would put money down on who is has the most odds of being the traitor, it would have to be this guy. For one, from the very beginning of the attacks by Aces and Eights, Bully Ray was one of the most vocal of the talent who was pointing his fingers at James Storm of being behind it all. Well him and Bobby Roode. And even when the unmasked dude came out and hit Aries from behind with the flapjack he was very vocal that night about what Aries was hit with even though I am not sure that he saw him got hit. Though you couldn't really tell cause the camera was focused on what was going on in the ring and not outside. So we don't know if Bully was fighting off any of the Aces and Eights members to notice what was going on. Then we have last week. When he was again being very vocal about how he should be Sting's partner to face Aces and Eights. And it was very convenient that he was in the ring right away to state his case just after Mr. Anderson, the original choice of Hogan and Sting, was attacked backstage by the gang. And his speech was just too perfectly scripted for him to not be the traitor. Now he may get some pops from the fans for being on TNA's side, but he is doing too well as a heel, quite possibly the top heel, to not turn on Sting and TNA. Add to this that he still has a title shot coming to him in the near future, especially since he beat Aries on Impact a couple weeks ago(yes, I know it wasn't a clean win but a win is a win), and it looks as if the group is after control of the title. So what better way to have Bully be the traitor as part of Aces and Eights, demand and receive his title shot against Austin Aries(or Hardy), and then win the title at Turning Point.

Sting...The odds are lower that the Icon Sting is the traitor, but I would say that the odds are still there nonetheless. The thing about Sting turning heel is that he doesn't always generate as much heat and hatred from the fans as does say Hogan when he turned back in July of 96. He is the Icon. He is Sting. Now I don't know if I can say that this time if he really is the traitor. This time he may get the heat he has always been looking for as a heel and traitor to the company he has given almost the last 10 years to since WCW ceased to exist. Now what is interesting is that he is being inducted as the first inaugural inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame the night before Bound For Glory. So what a way to say thanks, but thanks for nothing to the company and the fans by being the Aces and Eights member. And that is about the best way it could work to really be able to get more heat than he ever has as a heel. Even when he joined the NWO Wolfpac or was part of the Main Event Mafia he didn't garner that much heat as he would if he did it this way. But, compared to Bully, who already gets a really good amount of heat as the top heel if not one of the top heels in TNA, he is at a disadvantage as being the traitor in this situation.

Now I could be very wrong and neither of these guys are the traitors. And it very well could go down like that too. But I just have this gut feeling that one of them, Bully more than Sting, is going to end up being part of the Aces and Eights by the time Bound For Glory is over Sunday. And I definitely look for some of the main guys to be revealed this Sunday as well. Whether it is the mastermind behind the whole gang or just some of the major players of the group like everyone has been guessing for the whole summer, I think this would be the right time. Very well may be the climax of the plot to happen at the Wrestlemania for TNA.

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Adam T. Brown