Adam wilkinson

Hey WWE, what's wrong with a little blood here and there?

I mean it doesn't necessarily have to be EVERY ppv or match. But how about the important ones eh? I mean it only makes sense.

When I see blood, I get excited. Not in a creepy way *laughs* but when it's on a PG show I can't help but jump up and down. I mean, just the little things such as that can help the WWE in many ways.

What ways you ask? Well for starters it makes a hard fought match more exciting and seem more real. What's the point of HIAC if there's no blood?. Think back to HHH vs Taker. Yeah there was a little but it was done on accident. Imagine if it was everywhere, that'd be cool.

Also, back to the first point, it doesn't have to be all the time. Not only would it become a bore but we'd expect when it would happen. I like for it to pop up out of no where.

When I think of blood, these PPV's and matches come to mind.

•Extreme Rules
•Hell in a Cell
•Elimination Chamber
•Last Man Standing match
•Steel Cage match
•I Quit match
•Ironman Match
•Street Fight

They were built for blood, and the time frame of those PPV's are great. Not too close together and not to far apart. So you see some blood one PPV and two or three later it pops up a again.Not giving too much and not too little.

I believe this could work in a PG environment, If done correctly. I mean we're not asking for the guys to be swimming in a pool of their own blood ( which some of us would like) just a little bit to help get the flow of things going. We pay attention to things we like, and we like blood. WWE says they listen to us, well Vince, how about some blood?.

Well guys, just a thought that popped into my head. What do you think? Should WWE bring back blood for certain matches and PPV's, or keep it the way it is?.