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Ryback Main Eventing PPV? Turn Heel? Join Heyman?

Hey guys! I'm sorry it's been over a month since I've done a blog, but I've missed this. I'm planning on getting back into blogs now and I'm here to talk wrestling! So let's get started with this return blog.

Ryback has proven to everyone over the past few weeks that he's fully capable of taking out the champion, CM Punk, but the question is - Will WWE be willing to push such a new star to the top of their roster so quickly? Well if you didn't know, Vince McMahon has always been a guy to be on the side with the bigger guys. He's a big promoter of signing literally big talent. Ryback is no exception, I'm sure Vince supports him completely and backs him up to becoming main event material. Is he ready?

I think so. I think, with John Cena's recent arm injury, it's the perfect time to set up a match Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Don't get mad at me, I know that there are far more deserving people, such as Rhodes, Ziggler, Barrett, and others. But Ryback has shown his charisma, he's shown his power, his dominance. I think he's fully capable of not only competing in World Title matches, but winning a World Title. I don't doubt seeing the strap on him before 2014.

Ryback is one of those pure strength, raw talent guys. He doesn't need to be hyped up as the most destructible force in WWE, he proves it in the ring. He is, and everyone can see it, the Goldberg of today's generation of wrestlers. Who else would WWE let run to the ring and chase the top heel in the company right out of the ring? John Cena's done it before, so Ryback is someone fresh to shake things up.

What I want to see is Punk/Ryback at Hell in a Cell, in the Hell in a Cell match. I think it would be smart to make the heel look as if he has no chance of winning. Sort of Miz vs. Cena a year and half ago. I'd like to see Ryback not only lose, but join CM Punk and Paul Heyman. How odd would that be? Crazy, I know! The Heyman Squad needs a big guy since Brock Lesnar is gone. Ryback is a perfect fit and he doesn't have to speak to be considered powerful. Punk can use Ryback as an excuse to hold the title until the Royal Rumble, where he could be banned at ringside.

With Ryback as a secret weapon, Punk could be unbeatable. Until Rock, because they're gonna slap that title on him regardless of what people want. Ryback, unlike Punk, doesn't need the title to look 100% credible by the WWE Universe. He's got his size. 300 pounds of pure power. It's overly impressive.

To end out, I'd like to say that Ryback WILL main event Hell in a Cell, either with Punk in a 1 on 1 match or added to a Triple Threat match with Cena involved in the match, regardless. Ryback MIGHT turn heel and MIGHT join Heyman. It all depends on whether WWE is willing to give up their "largest" face in the company to the other side of the professional wrestling fence. I prefer heels to faces, but that's just me.

Thanks for reading and I hope you leave me ideas, comments, likes, and all your support. Thanks for letting me write again and as Eric Bischoff's theme says...

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