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Who Will Or Should Punk Choose For His Hell In A Cell Opponent?

First and foremost, I am Baaaaaaack!!! Not that any of you missed my TNA blogs the last week. Before I begin this blog I would like to personally thank Steve Carrier for allowing me to have the last week off for some personal reasons. Now that I am back, my mind is refreshed and full of new ideas and I am ready to write. Low and behold, this blog is actually going to be WWE related only and not TNA. But I already have a TNA idea ready to pounce on this week as well.

Of course, for those who watched Monday Night Raw, I got the idea from the very ending of the show. And that is also where I got the idea for the poll that I created earlier tonight. And the reason I asked who he chooses and who he should choose is because I am going on the premise that they are two different choices. Now I do understand some people may think that who he chooses and who he should choose are one in the same and I respect that opinion. But for the sake of argument and this blog, I am going to use the premise that they are two totally different choices. I will analyze him choosing Ryback but should have chose Cena as well as choosing Cena but should have chose Ryback, Finally, I will look at the other two options that I posted in my poll and give my prediction as to what I believe what will really happen next week on Raw.

First let us look at the first situation. Punk chooses Cena but he should really choose Ryback instead. And the simplest reason for this is that even though Cena may be medically cleared to wrestle that night, there is no way that he will be 100%. This will be a great opportunity for Punk to not only re-injure the elbow and put him back on the shelf for a bit longer with possibly a clean win by using his submission move, but also end the feud with Cena once and for all. Well at least hopefully. If he can come out with a clean win over Cena, then he should never have to face him again or prove anything more that he is better than Cena. But if Cena is less than 100% and Punk still beats him clean, will that be used as a cop out and an easy win and they will still push the feud further? I certainly hope not, but I can see Vince and creative doing just that. Which is why he should choose Ryback as his opponent. Not only will it be a breath of fresh air from the usual Cena/Punk matches but it will definitely prove to be a much more physically challenging match for Punk. As well as for Ryback. Cause we all know that this will not be one of his usual under 5 minute squash matches. This will be a match that will prove if Ryback really has what it takes to remain in the title picture of if he needs more work by going after Miz or Antonio for their titles. It will be a challenge for Punk to be able to slow the match down to his style and go for 10 to 15 minutes. And that will be Ryback's challenge as well. To go longer than he is used to and maintain his endurance throughout the entire match and be able to prove that he is more than just WWE's version of Bill Goldberg.

The next scenario I would like to look at is where Punk chooses Ryback but really should choose Cena. Why would he choose Ryback? They have no history together or no in ring chemistry. And no doubt, I am sure Punk thinks very little of him being stuck into the title picture this early and quickly. But he chooses him because he is a breath of fresh air from having to face Cena all the time and feels there is nothing left to prove when it comes to Cena. He no doubt also knows that Ryback is known for short squash matches that last under 5 minutes, and if he can control the majority of the pace of the match he will be able to wear him down and defeat him easily. And I say that only under the auspices of thinking like Punk might think while being in character. But he should choose Cena just to prove one last time that he has nothing left to prove when it comes to Cena and finally end the feud and get on to the next challenger. He should also choose Cena knowing that Cena probably won't be 100% healthy and can get a clean win by applying his submission move and re-injuring his arm. And that would also be a boost to the heat he gets by doing so and bragging about it the next night on Raw.

Lastly, I would like to discuss one last scenario really quick. I did have another option on my poll to where he, Punk, remains in character and decides to choose neither but he really should choose both to face in a triple threat match. He should choose both because I think it will make for an interesting match and there is no way that both Ryback and Cena can go after Punk the entire match and not wrestle each other as well. And as long as Punk was able to get the pin or submission on one or the other and remain champion even if he pulled an Edge move at the very end of the match, he would be able to lay claim that he was still Best in the World and still demand respect. The last option, which is how I think it will go down next Monday, is that Punk choose neither of them. Therefore, Vince, per his demand, makes the choice for him. And to thicken up the plot a bit more and go along the lines of him punishing Punk for his actions from the prior week, he chooses both of them to be his opponents at Hell In A Cell.

As always, I invite and encourage all comments, constructive criticisms, and/or suggestions on this as well as all of my other blogs I have previously written. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it for your reading pleasure. Until next blog, much love and God bless.

Adam T. Brown

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