Adam wilkinson

Why WWE Should Yield to Ryback's Main Event Push

Lately it seems as if WWE has been trying to fast-track Ryback to the main event scene a little faster then many have anticipated. Just a few weeks back Ryback was battling jobbers in fill in matches but lately we are now witnessing confrontations with WWE Champion, CM Punk. Something seems to be missing there.

In my opinion, and some will agree, when WWE pushes start out of desperation and are rushed, that star eventually dies off quickly and doesn't hold its long term market value. Take Jack Swagger for example.

History has proven that long term development of WWE stars seem to have a better outcome. Take a look at Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Edge, and even CM Punk. The list can go on and on. My point is, those names didn't go from facing no-namers one week, to getting a WWE title match the next. Those above listed names had long-term build to help establish their name and character with the audience.

WWE should build Ryback up by squashing through the mid-card scene first. WWE was on the right track when he went up against The Miz, however when he confronted CM Punk, it just didn't have the right feeling.

If WWE does decide to have Ryback go against CM Punk at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, where will we see him go next?