Adam wilkinson

Possible Scenarios for Vince McMahon's Return on Raw

News broke last week that Vince McMahon would be making his return to WWE television on tonight's episode of Raw. WWE is teasing on their website that Vince will be addressing the WWE Universe. Not many details other then the article teasing that AJ's job may be in jeopardy.

Listed below are several possible scenarios in which WWE may try to play out on tonight's Raw episode featuring Vince McMahon.

Confront CM Punk
Who doesn't like to see the biggest heel in the company get in an argument with the owner of the company? It was very successful when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Randy Orton did it, why not have CM Punk take another shot at it. If it does go down, it will probably be a quick argument ending with Vince putting Punk in his place and making him face John Cena at Hell in a Cell.

Address the GM Situation
WWE has been building up for this for a long time now. It's been speculated that AJ Lee and Booker T were not the ideal long term plans for the Raw & Smackdown General Manager roles. I can definitely see McMahon addressing this situation amongst.

Announce the Return of the 2-Hour Format
Another possibility that crossed my mind is the state of Raw and running for 3 hours long. WWE seems to have a hard time keeping fans tuned in over a long proportion of time on a weekly bases. It's easy for them to do a PPV because they have weeks and weeks of build time for a wrestlers particular match, however with Raw they have less then two and a half hours to build up their main event bout on the show.

Also, WWE has also started airing two more shows that are taped on the same night, WWE Saturday Morning Slam, and WWE Main Event. That currently puts four shows being taped on Tuesday evenings and could be overwhelming as reported to their staff. If WWE goes back to two hours, they can record one to two more shows before Raw airs.

Anyways, it should be an exciting show either way. It always is when Vinny Mac is in the building. Feel free to comment below.