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Previous winners of Money in the Bank have been very successful and had big ticks in the win column after they grabbed the elusive briefcase; however, our current Money in the Bank winner has not been so lucky. Why?

When previous superstars have won it, fans have always known that they will be Champion when they do cash in. Examples of this are CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio. You knew it was their time to hold the gold and regardless of when they cashed in, you knew they would win.

Another point is that they went on a good winning streak in singles competition after they won the briefcase up till when they won the title. I can’t see why Dolph Ziggler can now not do the same.

I understand that needs must and storylines need to be done, etc. and they needed to put a heel in the match with Punk, but why did that have to be Ziggler? Why not Del Rio? Why not have Dolph win a random match with Kofi? That would have been a better match in my opinion, too.

At this moment in time, Dolph does not look like he can beat Sheamus. He’s had no big victories and no chain of victories. Whenever I have tuned in to WWE, (which hasn’t been much recently) he has lost the match!

Looking back at the RAW match where Orton teamed with Lawler against Punk and Ziggler, regardless of what Punk and Heyman did, why did Orton beat Ziggler so easily afterwards? Why didn’t they have Ziggler squeeze out a victory or cheat to win?

He needs momentum going into the next PPV or else it will be just another unconvincing match where Sheamus wins easily which in my opinion does not make either Ziggler, Sheamus or the Money in the Bank briefcase actually look any good.

It doesn’t necessarily matter who Dolph beats when he’s on the streak, it can be curtain jerker matches against Riley or Tatsu for all this blogger cares. It could even be against the likes of Sandow or Ryder, who Dolph has gone on record to say he likes working with, put those guys over at the same time.

Now we’re in October, we are running out of time before Wrestlemania, which means that Zig Zag needs to start winning now and convincingly too, otherwise the Rumble winner will take his spot in the Wrestlemania main event and he’ll end up cashing in for no reason and with no luck.

Maybe other people’s blogs could lead to something. Maybe the influence of Ric Flair could be what Dolph needs. No offence to the amazing Vickie Guerrero of course. Lord knows she needs to stay his manager or she’ll follow other WWE Divas out of the door, but Dolph needs something to kick start his momentum, and fast.
William Elliott
Remember Daniel Bryan went the same thing before he cashed in his money in the bank briefcase
  • October 2, 2012
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Justin Barr
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