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Who Should Be The Top Guy After Cena?

I got the idea for this blog after reading an article about WWE grooming someone to be the next top guy after John Cena. That article can be viewed in the articles section. I'm not going to talk about the whole article but it basically said WWE wants to groom the next wrestler to be the go to guy. They want Sheamus to be the next guy because of his size but his age hurts his cause. They want someone in their 20s so it got me thinking, who should WWE groom to be the next go to guy after Cena? When I think of the top guy in the company, I feel like it has to be a face because let's be honest, have we ever really seen a heel be the top guy in a company? With that being said, my list of people (in no particular order) are guys that I think could be successful as a face in the WWE.

1) Cody Rhodes. He has the in ring ability, the age (27), his promos are good but his mic skills are not as great. The things Rhodes lacks is the size as he is about the same size as CM Punk and WWE doesn't want the go to guy to be that type of build. The other thing Rhodes lacks? The opportunity. The only time in his career Rhodes has really been near the main event level is when he was in Legacy with Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase. Given the chance, I think Rhodes is a guy that could be the face of the WWE.

2) Drew McIntyre. He certainly has the age working in his favor (27), he was annointed as the chosen one by Vince McMahon, but what has he done since then? An Intercontinental Championship and that's it. Not much for the chosen one huh? He has the size, he has the look, but much like Rhodes all he is lacking is the opportunity.

3) Seth Rollins. I know this will make some people on here very happy. He's only 26, he has the size, the wrestling ability and I guess we'll have to wait to see if he can get over with the crowd. The main thing with Rollins is, if he is to be the next top guy in WWE, they need to start grooming him now. What I mean by that is get him out of FCW/NXT and promote him to the main roster. Get him wrestling against guys that have been on the main roster for a while now. Introduce him to us while he is still 26 and not when he reaches his 30s.

4) Dolph Ziggler. I know WWE wants someone in their 20s, but I think Ziggler at age 32 could provide us with a face of the company immediately after Cena retires without having to look very hard or far to find him. His in ring ability is among the best in the WWE, his mic work could use help, but the thing Ziggler has working in his favor is his ability to get over with the crowd. Anytime a wrestler can get over with the crowd as a heel, you know he could very well do the same as a face. Ziggler has the look and charisma needed to be the top guy in the company.

5) The Miz. He's in the same situation as Ziggler. He's 31 but he doesn't have nearly as much mileage on his body as a 32 year old Randy Orton does. We know Miz has great mic skills. We know he can get over with the crowd. I also feel like his in ring ability is very underrated. When Miz had his title run a few years back, I think he got a taste of how it feels to be "the man." Miz is another guy that should be looked at as the top guy in the company if someone in their 30s was needed to be "the man" while some of the younger guys blossomed.

So there is my list of 5 guys that should be considered to be the next top guy in the company after Cena is done. I really would love to hear what some of you all think about this topic. Who do you think should have the chance to fill the shoes that will be left by Cena?

Stay blessed everybody,
Dee Thomas