Adam wilkinson

Do Two Wrongs Make A Right?

Do you remember back when you were young? Remember when you got in trouble for something and didn’t want to get caught? Did you ever try to do something else that was also bad to get yourself out of it? What did your parents end up telling you in the end? “Two wrongs don’t make a right!” To be perfectly honest, when I first saw these skits with Daniel Bryan and Kane together, that is exactly what I was thinking the whole time. What are they doing putting the Big Red Monster and Goat boy together?

As entertaining as I knew the segment with Edge on Friday night’s Smackdown was going to be, I have to admit, I had basically the same point of view as Damien Sandow. These two guys holding the tag team belts had no right to be in the ring claiming “I am the tag team champions!” As Sandow said, we are all lapping this up like a street canine does to a feces infested puddle. The fact that Kane and Bryan were going to hug it out was, and I quote, “a complete abomination”. When Edge argued the point that he could listen to Kane and Bryan go back and forth all for the next two hours I thought “NO! NO! NO!” Yes, Edge had just jinxed the rest of the show for the evening.

As much as some of you probably don’t like the Primetime Players, I was hoping these guys would get the push even if their controversial manager had just joined the unemployment line. These two work well together and were far from boring in and outside of the ring. As the tag team division seems to be gaining strength with more teams meshing and working their way onto our televisions, here comes the biggest odd couple since Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Kane and Daniel Bryan were victims of Raw General Manager A.J. Lee’s plot to either have the duo of Kane and Daniel Bryan beat each other to a pulp, or have these two drive each other so mad that they’ll be out of her hair and off to therapy sessions forever. I liked the rivalry and thought these two were going to be at each other’s throats forever.
In walks Dr. Shelby to their tattered relationship. What could this guy possibly have up his sleeve to help these two from killing each other? Relaxing exercises anyone? The good doctor taught these two miscreants how to get along, trust each other and work together. Kane and Bryan were testing the boundaries of each other’s sanity as well. They both lost their singles matches. So in the end, it was Kane and Daniel Bryan against Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. The rest of the tag teams from the locker room area were out to watch the demise of the newly crowned tag team champions. But in the end the tag team champions stood tall in the ring. They had overcome the odds and taken out all the rest of the teams as well. I’m not sure Dr. Shelby approved of their methods to overcome everyone, but in the end both Kane and Daniel Bryan stood tall in the ring. Surrounded by bodies everywhere in the ring, they held the belts in one hand their weapon of choice at the time, a chair, high in the air.

So now ask yourself again, do two wrongs make a right? Well in this case, it does. And whether you love them or hate them, or love to hate them, Kane and Daniel Bryan are sure to be tag team champions for a long time. What’s your opinion of Team Friendship? Will “Hugging It Out” become the hot, new way to solve everyone’s differences? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and you’re welcome!