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In a couple sports around the world, instant replays have become a fundamental part of deciding which side deserves to win a game and ultimately who the best team is.

Being from Australia, sports such as rugby league and rugby union instantly spring to my mind.

But in the world of sports entertainment however, I’m unsure as to whether the benefit of an instant replay would actually be beneficial.

Ring Side News recently announced that WWE had been considering the introduction of instant replays in order to bring an end to controversial and often wrong refereeing decisions.

This new angle could begin as soon as this coming week after the contentious ending to RAW this past Monday.

If you discuss this idea with yourself for a moment though, like I recently did, mixed emotions arise for wrestling fans.

On one side, instant replays bring a fresh, exciting concept to WWE’s content – an idea that would literally change the game.

Not only would this provide a different spectacle for wrestling fans, it would also be an innovative step forward for wrestling as a sport.

On the other hand though, it really does take the fun and entertainment out of wrestling.

And how on Earth would WWE be able to cope if they could no longer rely on dubious refereeing decisions to close every WWE Title match?

It’s a similar circumstance to that surrounding world football at the moment.

For years, goal line technology has been the hottest topic for football fans worldwide.

Bring in goal line technology to ensure the correct decisions are made, or leave it alone and keep the spectacle alive?

At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinion.

Yet, as I refer to wrestling once again, I am struggling to see WWE actually making this angle a full time thing.

Too many times has WWE changed their ruling on particular circumstances, only to revert back to their old methods once again when they discover it didn’t turn out the way they had planned.

Some familiar examples include the banning and re-instating of The Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate submission hold in 2008 and more recently their mess involving Sheamus’ Brogue Kick.

It’s typical of WWE as a company and something which really is pointless unless executed correctly.

And it would be a shame to see the same thing occur with instant replays if WWE does decide to introduce them.
Instant replays are game changers.

If WWE is going to bring in such a ruling, then it needs to be a full time occurrence and something the company remains serious about – not just a silly, two month gimmick in order to keep the belt on Punk for another pay-per-view.

There are a lot of avenues this debate can go in, and something which I’ve always thought had the potential to propel wresting even closer to the world of sport as opposed to entertainment.

No doubt this Monday will give us a better understanding on whether or not instant replays will indeed become a new feature for referees.

Whether it does or it doesn’t though, it is important that their potential as match deciders in WWE is realised and isn’t tampered with.
Lol love the attached picture!
  • September 23, 2012
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Adam Troy Brown
Interesting blog. If it was purely sport and there was no storyline writing and angles involved then yes IR would definitely be necessary for sure. But with the way wrestling is, I think we all know that the ending of Raw last week was no doubt part of the storyline and it would be useless to have...
  • September 24, 2012
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Justin Barr
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