Adam wilkinson

Could CM Punk Be The One To Introduce The New Title?

Yet another "Stevie-Wonder" idea. *laughs* pun intended Steve. Thanks for the idea.

But anywyay, for a while now I have always said it should be the Rock who brings out the new title. New Champion new title. Or Cena since he has a record for changing titles. But I seemed to have changed my mind and switched gears over to Punk.

I mean doing this does fit his current character. Punk wants respect right? He also wants to be taken seriously. So what better way then to take away the belt superman created and give us a new one.

It shows he's taking his career to the next level. He's tired of the old WWE and everything about it. Basically saying "out with the old and in with the new". Punk wants change and respect. Demanding it hasn't gotten him any but maybe changing the revolution of things can.

Yes, the current WWE championship is a title we love to hate, but let's pretend we didn't. What if we loved it the way we loved the Eagle belt and the classic blue belt. Wouldn't it make you mad if someone came along and changed it? *cough* Cena *cough* So by Punk doing the same thing, not only is it a way to gain more heat but maybe just maybe more respect as well.

He'd be taking the WWE by storm and to new heights, more than he has now. Also adding to his far from over Cena feud. Destroying the title he created. I would love to see a backstage segment of Punk walking into the area, dumping the spinner belt in the trash and come out to his theme with the new title around his waist. Talk about controversy, and that is what creates cash right? So why not?.

Well just a thought, what do you guys think? Punk, Rock or Cena? As these are the only ones I see changing the belt unless the new GM of RAW and Smackdown does, whom ever that may be.

....Opinions? Punk.png

Thanks for the Photo Tyler. Smile