Adam wilkinson

Locations Where Wrestlemania Would Definitely Succeed

First off, this is my first blog, so if it seems rough around the edges let me know! Enjoy, and constructive criticism so more than acceptable.

Every year, the major part of anticipation of Wrestlemania for me is hearing where the next one will be held. When I hear it, I always seem to be a little let down though. Here are some locations to where if the biggest event of the year came there, it would be a financial success.

Anywhere, Canada
Let's face it, any WWE event in Canada gets sold out in under 10 minutes. I don't know if it has to do with the history of wrestling talent from Canada, or all the beer and maple syrup make the Canadians want to watch a good fight, but it amazes me how alive and energetic they are when an event rolls into the country. Last 2 Wrestlemanias' we saw hail from the red leaf country, a young Edge and Christian were in the crowd and we saw The Rock face Hogan. If WWE decideds to Canada for the 30th anniversary, and it will be a memorable 'mania for sure.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Ok, to be honest, I kind of only put this one in because it is the place where I reside. Las Vegas, the city that really never sleeps. Vegas gets on average 36 million visitors per year, meaning over 100,000 visit everyday. Wrestlemania coming to Las Vegas would be HUGE commercially. Our outdoor stadium is a 50,000 seats which is extendable to 65,000, which is probably the minimum for an event. We get alot of foot traffic on the strip, so fliers, fliers, and even more fliers, posters, and billboards would get people very interested in it. Last 'mania here was all roman themed, so why not make it casino themed. Heck, there was even suppose to be a WWF casino to be built here back in the 90s.

London, England
London is a place that gets snubbed by 'manias and only gets Raws' and Smackdowns' which a payphone and a flag. That is it. The UK used to have 2 exclusive PPV's back in the early 00's called Rebellion and Insurrextion and one event called Global Warning that never got to see a another event the next year. With rumors of a Wrestlemania coming to London almost every year, I'm sure the locals are getting furious that one hasn't come yet. Only time will tell when the big one will show up in the UK, but when it does finally come, I'm sure the outcome will be big and worth the wait.

You are probably thinking, "WTF Tyler! INDIA ARE YOU NUTS?!?!". Well, I think a Mania coming to India would be big. It would be rather small though. The Punjab Cricket Association Stadium holds about 40,000 attendees, with it being extendable to at least 55,000. The arena is rather circular and empty looking, I'm almost certain it would fill up after the recent success WWE had in India, a 'mania there would be the most logical thing. Also, you have great talent from India. Jinder Mahal, The Great Khali, and Sonjay Dutt. Jinder is still rather green, but he has improved greatly since doing a run in NXT. Khali has hit a rough patch over the last few years, but with the proper build up he could be unstoppable, and get a giant pop in his home country. Sonjay Dutt is a popular star from that country. If WWE can pick him up and feud him with Mahal at India 'mania. You wanna talk about big? I'm positive the crowd would love it.

Well that is it. I think that big buys and huge press coverage can come from these fine places. I hope you all enjoyed my blog, and feel free to argue with me down below if you don't like what I came up. Now I leave you with some honorary mentions:

Tokyo, Japan
Anywhere, Texas