Adam wilkinson

Has WWE Creative turned a corner now?

It is very easy for us bloggers to sit here and rip into WWE Creative for the slightest blunder in current or potential storylines. We all think we can do better, lord knows this blogger has ranted on more than one occasion about where Creative has gone wrong or could do better.

However, the current storyline with C M Punk, for example, is actually looking really good in my opinion. As soon as The Rock said he will face the Champion at the Royal Rumble, everybody just knew it would be against C M Punk. Hell, we could have even predicted that Cena will win the Rumble and face the winner, more than likely The Rock, at Wrestlemania.
See, how easy was that to predict that? Whether it happens or not remains to be seen, but we can all work our crystal ball and predict who will face who etc. but it is not easy for WWE Creative to keep us guessing in the meantime.

We all know, or like to think we know, who is going to win and when, and more often than not, we’re right. For example, at Night of Champions, we all thought Punk was going to win. But when Cena pinned Punk and we all thought he won, I (as I assume we all did) shouted “What?” at the screen, which wasn’t a tribute to Steve Austin by the way!

The idea of having a referee reverse the decision against Cena is borderline genius. Bit of a strong statement there, but it was something that needed to keep us guessing and it did. “I thought Punk was gonna win? Is it Cena vs. Rock 2 at Rumble now?” and then boom! The referee makes his call. A call which not only builds Punk’s status as top heel by keeping him Champ without winning, but building Cena’s character too. He has looked a lot better recently (I threw up in my mouth when I wrote that) and he did win the match, despite the final decision.

The Creative decisions don’t stop there either; let’s look at the Great White. Due to lack of main event heels, this poor Irish fella has had to carry a below average feud with Del Rio on his shoulders. I shouldn’t criticise Del Rio so much, I just can’t help it. He is there to do a job and he does do it quite well, could be better, but well enough. However, the idea of banning the Brogue Kick has made the storyline more interesting. Otherwise, it would have been another Sheamus vs. Del Rio PPV with no excitement.

It has also made David Otunga come back onto our screens since Johnny Ace. I can’t really complement his in ring skills, but the character of a slimy heel lawyer does work for Otunga. Rate him or not, the main job of a heel is to get us fans to really dislike him. The fact that he is a lawyer in real life really makes the character believable, makes you know that he believes his actions as a heel are justified, which adds to the character.

It would also appear that they are also working hard to push other superstars too. I don’t know about anybody else, but it looks like they are finally trying to make the Intercontinental Title mean something with The Miz. It would be very easy for The Miz to either bury Ryback or to even say “I am a former WWE Champion” but instead he said “I am a Champion” that one sentence made the title worthy again.

And finally, they are giving Ryback a worthy feud. The only way to keep increasing his character is to copy the Punk / Cena finish at Night of Champions. Have Miz still keep the title, even though Ryback should have clearly won. If they end this streak too soon, it would make Ryback’s character drop quicker than Tensai.

Lastly, I will talk about Bryan and Kane. Kofi and R Truth were great tag champions, and their run certainly rejuvenated the Tag Team Division, so in that case, objective achieved. However, even though Kane has had over 10 tag team title reigns now, this current one with Bryan could increase fans’ attention to the Tag Team division. Whether we agree with this Anger Management storyline or not (I kind of do and don’t – impartial) we all rate Kane and Daniel Bryan as competitors, so it can only be a positive for the Tag Titles. To keep the interest going, maybe it’s Prime Time’s turn to hold the gold…

See that? I was easily predicting stuff again. Funny how easy that happens…

Anyway, to round it all off, WWE programming has improved over the last month or so, to the point where I for one am watching episodes the whole way through again, instead of either finding out results on RSN or just not watching RAW at all.

Here's just hoping that they don't drop the ball now...