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I've talked about The Miz's talent before for the simple reason I personally like him, honestly. But there's not just opinion factoring into this. There's a reason he's the Intercontinental Championship and not jobbing to people like Zack Ryder or Damien Sandow or Santino Marella. He's a star.

Some of the top reasons I feel he is a major player in the WWE are:
- Charisma
- Execution
- Popularity

You may disagree with one, two, or all three of these points I'm about to make, but they are what I feel will eventually give The Miz his first World Heavyweight Championship in the future.

His Charisma. He's no doubt become one of the biggest talkers in WWE today, and there's reasoning behind it. Whether it annoys you or it intrigues you, when The Miz speaks, he gets a reaction. I applaud his look on the WWE Universe, because some superstars get upset if the crowd boos them. He has said before that he just wants to be watched. Hated or loved, he wants to make an impact. He has certainly done that.

Not only his mic charisma, but also his in-ring charisma. He taunts, as many other great heels do. Ziggler, Jericho earlier this year, Alberto Del Rio, and many others will scream and kick their opponent and scream things such as "GET UP!" or "Stay down!". This proves that they know what they're doing and they're so comfortable in-ring that they know that they can make it seem realistic. Nobody expects Curt Hawkins to be a believable top heel, for example.

Next, his execution is actually pretty good for today's roster. There are a lot of people that work for WWE today that don't have the in-ring talent that The Miz does. I've heard people call him fat, but I'd love to see Jericho a few months ago and you compare the two. Jericho's got a bit of a gut on him now, but we still call him an amazing in-ring performer. So what if he doesn't have washboard abs?

His finisher is off, yes. It is not main-event quality to finish people off. You don't believe that John Cena can fall through a table and kick out, but when his face gets put to the mat, he's out. I'd love to see The Miz get a submission finisher. A grueling one that makes people cringe. A brutal leg lock would be cool. A variation of the Cloverleaf, maybe? Either way, he needs a better finisher to be the strong top-level competitor he's shown he can be.

His popularity, though some may not want to admit it, has skyrocketed in the past 3 years. Winning the WWE Title wasn't something that made him a star. Being a guest on probably a dozen talk shows did. Being the face of the SD vs. RAW 2011 video game did. Being stuck between Cena and The Rock at Wrestlemania 27 did. Starring in The Marine 3 has helped a bit. Fact is, Miz is a popular superstar. If you read an article a few weeks back, he's the 25th richest superstar in WWE history. He's just below Ric Flair, guys. There's no doubting he can draw better than probably 3/4 of the roster.

Maybe it sounds like a broken record being played over from me, but this guy has the tools to be a top star and I see him becoming World Heavyweight Champion by Wrestlemania 30. Mark my words, The Miz has not started a decline, he's simply preparing himself for another climb.

That's all from me for tonight, and thanks for reading, as always.

The Voice,
Brandon T. Vineyard

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