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Out with Lee and Booker T and In With...Who?

And the question truly is who should be our new GM?

I know you're probably expecting to see me add Stephanie McMahon on here but I'm not. I've done like four blogs on why she should return and become GM. I've stated my point on that, no reason to restate it again.

This time I'm going to introduce some new but old faces onto the seen. People we already know, and people I think we might like to see as our new GM.

So here's a list of potential people with a few reasons why.

Eric Bischoff: Ok just hear me out on this one because I know what you're thinking. But besides the whole TNA thing, what if Eric was to return back to the WWE?. What a true shocker that would be. One night he's on TNA, and the very next he is introduced as the GM of our show! I can see it now: Vince: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, your new Smackdown and RAW General Manager.......EEEERIC BISSSSSSSCHOFF!" then you hear his old theme "I'm bad...and better than ever" letting you know it's the real deal and out comes Eric. I believe that would be classic, don't you?

Ric Flair: This guys name has been on every wrestling site you can find. Either for becoming the new GM or managing Ziggler. Im for both ideas, but more so the first. Everything about Flair screams entertainment. Whether it's his crazy mic skills, or faking like he's passed out to just falling down in the ring for no apparent reason. Flair is a great asset where ever he goes. I can see him now, yelling in the faces of guys like Rhodes, Punk and Ziggler. "You think your something! YOU THINK YOUR SOMETHING BOY!? do you know who I am? IM THE NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR! WOOOO! and nobody! And I mean NOBODY *starts styling and profiling dance* can out shine me! WOOOO!" I would love to see that, and if he is to become GM, expect a lot of it.

JBL: Yet another guy rumored for a WWE return. Heck I even hear it's for tonight's NOC PPV and for tomorrow's RAW. Hmm, interesting, making me think a potential set up for becoming the new RAW &SD GM. I think John would do an excellent job. I could already see the problems and great storylines up for him and guys like Rhodes, Ziggler, Orton, Punk and Miz. Maybe a little payback against John Cena from when Cena beat him a few years back. Potentially setting up for a heel GM turn.

Paul Heyman: What better way than to hype the on going storyline with his new client, then by becoming the new GM and giving him everything he wants. Sorta like how Eric did HHH on RAW. Catering to Punk and giving him as many days off and matches as he wants. The only problem I would see with this idea is how would they write him off?. He can't stay GM forever because of the Brock-HHH feud thats going to happen later. WWE has a terrible record of coming up with great ideas but ending them horribly. I mean just look at how they wrote Brock off. Horrible. Also I would like a permanent GM. I don't want him hired just to get fired in a few months.

Vince McMahon: Hey, why not the bossman himself. Maybe he feels that no one is better equip to run his shows than him. That's the egoistical part of Vince that comes out. I for one, am all for this idea. Vince is quite the entertaining guy. It has been a while since we've really seen him on tv aside from little skits and things. But I believe he could really pull through with this for an all out entertaining show.

William Regal:
remember when he tweeted "Just got done talking to Mr.McMahon, I've got a lot to think about". Maybe reopen that storyline that never started back up and it's him.

Well those are my picks, whose your's? and credit to Steve on this one, great idea, thanks Steve.

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