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It’s been rumoured for a while now that WWE is waiting to replace John Cena at the top of the WWE chain. And I for one believe these rumours, as they need to change Cena’s character as it has now become stale.

There is only so much more “Rise above Hate” even the super of super fans of Cena can take before they join in with the “Cena sucks” chants like a lot of other fans, I’m sure.

Now, since I’ve been a fan of WWE, way back since I watched Wrestlemania 9 and thought “this is the best thing ever!” the top WWE Superstar hasn’t always been a babyface, which has worked out well. A few examples of this are Shawn Michaels, who’s best work at the top were as a heel, in my opinion, Montreal Screwjob jumps to mind. Also another example is of course, Triple H. You don’t get to be a double figure time World Champ without being top of the chain.

In recent times though, WWE has put a babyface at the top and built the company around them, i.e. Austin, Rock and now of course, Cena. As we all agree, it’s Cena’s time to step aside, and I’m sure that even Cena himself wouldn’t mind stepping out of the spotlight for a while, lord knows he’s been at the top long enough. It’s a testament to his fitness though to be at the top that long and constantly performing and headlining without getting a big career threatening injury.

So, who is going to replace Cena, and when? C M Punk, now.

I say now because I think it’s time WWE built their company around a heel. A big heel who can draw and someone you can feed him babyface after babyface and really get the fans watching week in week out. There is only heel that comes to this blogger’s mind, and it isn’t overrated Alberto Del Rio.

C M Punk is moving in the right direction with his heel run. I will happily admit I wasn’t sure when he attacked Jerry Lawler and demanded respect from commentators, but thankfully they moved away from that quite quickly and had him demand respect from fellow superstars.

Now, we all know and have sent in several high quality blogs about the Heyman and Punk alliance and who can join a potential faction led by these two, so I won’t bring up any more points about them, but I will say keeping Punk champion with a heel manager/agent character like the consummate professional that is Paul E, can only build Punk and WWE to levels that they haven’t seen since attitude era days.

The time to take Cena out of the spotlight is now and replace with Punk. Why, if the rumours are true, are they waiting to replace him with another face? No babyface is anywhere near ready to fill those shoes. The next face in my opinion after Cena is Sheamus, but they’ve driven him into a dead end storyline with “Berty” and banning his Brogue Kick. (Bloggers note: the only person coming out of this current banning storyline is the five time Champ Booker T – an impartial GM who listens to heels and faces is what we’ve been crying for for ages!)

There is no reason why WWE can’t stay in this PG era and still have a heel at the top of the card. He doesn’t need to bully anybody, which would contradict be a star campaign, and he doesn’t need to bust anybody open, which would violate the no blood policy. Punk can be the face of WWE and lead them into a brighter future which can entertain and (hopefully) please all WWE fans, not just the kids in the front row.

Going to finish this blog with what is fast becoming my finishing move, well words:

You never know, it might just work...
Adam Troy Brown
Great blog and I totally agree on making Punk the top draw for WWE. He is doing an amazing job at being the most egotistical and annoying heel that WWE has seen in quite a while. He has become very quickly my favorite WWE star and one of the reasons I have started to pay attention to WWE a little ...
  • September 13, 2012
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Justin Barr
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