Adam wilkinson

What Happens With Michael Cole?

Sorry for being absent for a while, but I had a funeral to attend that basically wiped out two days of the week, but the good news is that I'm back with another blog. This blog will be a very short one. So short that it could possibly be a poll question but I wanted it to be a blog.

After hearing about what happened on Monday night with Jerry "The King" Lawler and the performance that Michael Cole put up under the circumstances, I began to wonder about something. Apparently Cole addressed the WWE Universe to let us know that it wasn't part of a storyline and that it was a very real situation. I know part of that is his job and he was probably forced to do it, but what happens when Lawler returns to announcing? What I mean by that is, Michael Cole is a heel announcer in storyline. On Monday night he had to break kayfabe and be very serious. When Lawler returns, does Cole immediately go back to being a heel announcer? Do they keep him as a face announcer for the time being and ease him back into his heel announcer role? I want to hear your input on this matter. Whether you think he should stay face or whether he should remain a heel or how soon should he go back to being a heel announcer.

Stay blessed everybody,
Dee Thomas