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Heavyweight Title or Brogue Kick -- What Should Sheamus Do?

Let me start off by saying that this is quite an interesting storyline and I am anxious to see where they go with it. I really hope that they do this correctly and allow Sheamus to remain heavyweight champion and still be able to work in his finisher. I realize that he is now using the Four leaf clover leaf move to compensate for the "temporary ban" on his brogue kick, but the way I see it, it is no more dangerous than Sweet Chin Music. Yes, I know, it is all part of the storyline. I got that. And I get that Otunga is really over as playing that annoying type of lawyer that everyone loves to hate known as the ambulance chaser. The trial lawyer. But just looking at the move itself, outside of storylines and all, it really is no more dangerous than the Superkick or even the Punt that Orton used to use. But for the purpose of this blog, let's stay within the confines of the storyline and look at Sheamus's options as put forth by Booger...sorry, couldn't help it...Booker T this past Monday on Raw.

As most of us already know, just to recap, Booker T "temporarily banned" the brogue kick after looking at the evidence submitted to him by the squad chasing lawyer Otunga. That was last week on Smackdown. Monday on Raw, we saw Sheamus give a demonstration of the finishing move on the camera in the deposition scene. I was really hoping he would demonstrate it on Otunga right there. But he didn't. Later on in their match, which wasn't that much of a match in all honesty, Sheamus took care of business and made Otunga tap out to the clover leaf submission hold. I honestly, was really hoping that he would use the Brogue Kick to win despite the "ban." Then when he turned around and went back to the ring and administered the kick I was elated. Of course, then here comes AJ out to run her pretty mouth. But just as soon as she starts to speak, Booker comes out. He more or less gave Sheamus an ultimatum. He either conforms to the authority of the ban and quits using the kick, or he uses the kick and is stripped of his title. We then see Sheamus looking at his title and quietly pondering what he should do. So let us look at his options.

1. Sheamus conforms to Booker T.'s authority and the ban on the Brogue Kick and continues to be able to defend and possibly keep his title. So let's say he goes the safe and, quite possibly, the smart way and doesn't use the kick and sticks to the submission move. He remains champion for a little longer even defeating Alberto Del Rio at Night of Champions with the 4 leaf clover. Essentially, he remains PG and gets pop from the fans but not as much as Orton is getting. Orton still has the RKO and can incorporate it in almost any setting and it looks amazing. There isn't a whole lot of ways to incorporate something like the clover leaf from many angles and still make it look amazing. And while most fans know when Sheamus is ready to set up for the kick, he definitely gets a huge pop from that knowledge. No doubt a bigger one than setting his opponent up for the clover leaf. Essentially, my argument here is that though he may be able to fight another day and continue to reign as heavyweight champion if he chooses to abide by the authority of the ban, his fans may lose interest in him or even heart in him for "toeing the line" so to speak. Of course, that could just set up his heel turn too.

2. Sheamus decides to defy the authority of Booker T. and his "ban" and continues to use his brogue kick. He even ends up using it at the Night of Champions and knocks ADR, Rodriguez, and Otunga out cold with it. This prompts Booker T. to come out to the ring and strip him of the title. Sheamus resists for a few seconds and then hands it over. Just as Booker is ready to leave, he also receives the Brogue Kick as well. All of this is received very well by the WWE Universe and he gets a huge pop for defying authority and doing what he felt was right. Now can be the time to push him as a Celtic Warrior version of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Obviously, there will be no middle finger flipping or beer guzzling cause you don't want to rehash the same stuff. His defiance will be more in the ring by using the Brogue Kick on anyone and everyone on Raw and Smackdown that he faces. Maybe, even to the point, that he ends up giving a Brogue kick to Vince himself after he is "forced" to interject himself into the situation. Doubt we see that happen, but man what kind of pop would that receive in his favor. Could even play into the story that as long as he continues to use the kick in defiance, he will never receive another World Heavyweight title shot. But they never said anything about a WWE title shot.

Honestly, I hope that he chooses the second option and continues with the use of the Brogue Kick out of defiance to the kayfabe ban by Booker T. I mean, granted, all it is is a front bicycle kick. But when it is hit correctly, just like when SCM or the last call is hit correctly, it looks so devastating. Enough to really knock the opponent out cold. No doubt, though, since he now has the 4 leaf clover leaf submission move as his finisher, they will probably steer the story towards him not using it. But how sweet would it be to see him defy the authority of Booker T. and even Vince and continue to use the Brogue Kick and get huge pop everytime he did so. Since this is the PG era, I am sure Vince wants none of his guys to even remotely resemble the defiant attitude of the Attitude Era or for that matter it's poster boy, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Thus, I would be surprised to see if they allow him to use it out of defiance. It would be totally different if he was wrestling almost a decade ago in WWF during the Attitude era.

As always, I invite and encourage all comments, constructive criticism, and opinions on this and all of my blogs to date. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

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