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Why TNA Needs To Reintroduce The Television Title

It is simple. TNA needs to admit that they dropped the ball in a lot of areas when it comes to failed storylines and promos, but this one that they not only need to admit to making a huge mistake on but also fix the mistake and reintroduce the television title back into title contention. Along with that they should also admit to dropping the ball with the contract negotiations with Devon and then get on with it. But, of course, we as fans will never hear such admissions of guilt from TNA or WWE or any other wrestling promotion of making mistakes with botched storylines or getting rid of the attitude era and going soft to the kids for example. Nonetheless, I think most of us know that TNA is making a mistake in dropping the television title from their roster of titles to be defended. If you don't think so I would love to hear your reasons why they are okay with only two singles titles...the heavyweight and the X division.

I could go on and on in a blog about some of the major dropped balls that TNA has made recently but I would be here all night writing and I am trying to build up the organization not tear it down. But it is hard not to stand back and be objective about something that you enjoy watching and pick up on some of the things they are doing wrong and not want to step in and correct their mistakes or shoot them an email and make some suggestions as to what they are doing wrong and how to fix them. But I am sure they would dismiss those emails and send them to the trash file. So I will just focus on this most recent dropped ball regarding the supposition that with the departure of Devon the Television title was going to be dropped from the list of titles to be defended. To me, this was a very bad move and I hope that they come to that realization and decide to bring it back.

Why, you ask, do I say it is a very bad move and a major dropped ball on their part. The biggest reason is that the television title, while it may not be the heavyweight title and the most coveted or prestigious title in the business or company, it was still a worthy title to hold. The wrestler holding the title, under normal theory that comes with the title, would have weekly coverage on television defending the title. That is why it was called the television title. Even Hogan, upon his return as GM in the spring of 2012, stated that the television title would be defended every week on Impact. Thus the champ, Devon, would get weekly exposure on Impact defending the title. And that plan worked out great. For about a little over a month. Then it fizzled. Summer came along. And with summer came the BFG series as well as the Aces and eights angle. Everything else got put on the back burner. Including the plan to defend the television title weekly on Impact. Weekly turned to bi-weekly, which turned to monthly. And then that turned to rarely if at all any Impact television title defenses. I can't help to think that this may have been another reason that Devon decided to not resign his contract as well. I am sure there were other mitigating factors that went into that decision, like the possibility of being low balled with salary, but the fact that his weekly title defenses on Impact were put on the back burner for the two major storylines of the summer no doubt would be a factor as well.

Another reason the title needs to be considered to be returned is that it served as a go between belt for the X-division champion to the heavyweight championship. Well in theory it is supposed to serve as that in between title. Not too many, if any at all, X-division stars have what it takes to go straight from being X-division champ to being the heavyweight champ. Yes there are exceptions to the rule and Austin Aries is definitely a big exception. But if you look at the majority of the current x-division stars, including the champ, that is what is left of them, they are definitely not heavyweight championship material. They need a "stepping stone" belt to reign with before they even consider going for the heavyweight title. I personally think they need two "stepping stone" titles in between the x-division and heavyweight title. Not only will having the television title back produce more competitive matches among the mid-card level stars on television who really are not being used for anything currently or in the near future except to fight off the Aces and Eights, but so can adding an additional title into the mix as well. That would also kill another bird with the same stone. That being the dropped ball known as the promos by the wrestlers themselves that wrestling mattered. Two new belts would really create enough competition on television and in live shows that not only would wrestling matter again, it would matter enough to be able to play out the storylines in the ring during the matches just as much as in cutting the promos. This could grab the attention of more wrestlers from indy organizations or even RoH and WWE that actually love to wrestle more than they care about cutting promos and being involved in skits and what not. Yeah, I know it sounds like wishful thinking, but it could work if done correctly.

Here would be a short scenario as to how this could all play out in returning the television title back into play. Bound For Glory ppv is over and Bully Ray is the new heavyweight champion. It is also revealed that he and Bobby Roode were both behind the Aces and Eights as was Abyss. Other major players in the gang were also revealed, but that is all a side story and the Aces and Eights players are now considered contracted wrestlers who will be involved in title contention plots. The Impact following BFG, Hogan comes out at the beginning of the show and makes two major announcements. Number one is that he is giving Austin Aries his rematch that night against Bully Ray. Number two, he admits that certain things got put on the back burner at the beginning of the summer while dealing with Aces and Eights and the Bound for Glory series happening. But now that is all over with and everyone knows who side they are on it is time to get back to business. He is holding a bag containing the television championship title. He pulls out the belt and says that the title is currently vacant due to unforseen family circumstances with the former champ. He decides to hold a one month tournament of matches on Impact that will begin with a gauntlet match that night. So to not totally mirror the Bound For Glory Series, the top eight points winners will go on to the November ppv, Turning Point, and compete in two four way matches. The two winners of the matches will then face each other later that night for the television championship. But the other 6 remaining would not be left without competing for another title. Hogan then pulls out the newly sanctioned and branded TNA US title. The remaining 6 will compete in a ladders match at Turning Point with the title suspended in the air. The names of the participants would be named throughout the Impact. Then Hogan is interrupted by Bully Ray and the Aces and Eights and demands ring time for some of his guys and to be involved in the tournament as well. Hogan denies them that demand and then Bully pulls the title card on him and states that he is the champ and what he says goes. Hogan still negates his demand. So Bully says that they will just have to interject themselves into the tournament. This will begin a new twist to the Aces and eights Storyline where they eventually hold all the major titles in TNA. Well the men's anyways.

As always, I invite all comments, constructive criticisms, and opinions/suggestions to this and all of my blogs. I hope that you enjoy reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing it and I hope that it has challenged you to think about the issue(s) at hand.

God bless and take care,

Adam Troy Brown