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The Night of Champions Unofficial Tag Team Revival

Hey, RSNation. The Voice, Brandon, here to discuss something that I had as an idea for the Night of Champions PPV coming up soon. If you enjoyed my idea, leave a like and a comment on what you think of it! Let's get it started.

We've heard so many things about how the tag team and diva's divisions are terrible in WWE right now. I put up a poll a few days ago asking about a Night of Champions Tag-Team Championship Scramble match between:
-Kofi Kingston and R Truth
-The Usos
-Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel
-Prime Time Players
-The Ascension
-Kane and Daniel Bryan

The winners of the poll came out to be Kane and D-Bry in first place, followed by The Ascension, followed by Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. I'd love to see any of these teams take Tag Team Gold! Let's just start with telling how and when this match should be announced...

I'm thinking that this would need to be something announced ahead of time, because it's something people may want to watch. A tag team match that lasts over 20 minutes? Let's go see something we haven't seen in WWE in years!

If only we could open a door in our houses and tell the creative team our ideas, that may give the fans a bit more of a word in things, but that's not how it works. Odds are, nobody involved with WWE will ever read this here, never even visit a site like this for ideas from the fans. Heck, it's their job to come up with the ideas.

But back to the topic at hand, the title says "Unofficial" because it's obviously not official, just an idea of mine. But let's talk about the teams involved and what I think their chances of winning would be.

Kofi Kingston and R Truth - 0%. Why? For the simple fact they've held the titles for what seems like a lifetime and they are the most stale tag team out there right now. Break them up and have one of them turn heel, preferably Kingston cause it'd be new.

The Usos - 5%. Why? Because they haven't been shown off lately on any of the shows. Maybe Superstars, but I don't care to watch that, in all honesty. I'll just say they're the lowest tag team right now and it'd be a shock to see them jump up to take the belts.

Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel - 15%. Why? They've got momentum in every match they walk into, whether they win or lose. They're a hot tag team among stronger fans such as myself and people enjoy seeing this dynamic duo in the ring. I say they have a good chance in a match like this because they are an exciting team.

Prime Time Players - 30%. Why? They're the most pushed team at the moment. They may have lost their manager, but they haven't lost their momentum. I say they're a good candidate.

The Ascension - 5%. Why? Nobody knows about them. They're some great young guns and will be stars very soon but I don't see a team that is unpopular among casual fans to take the straps, as much as I'd like to see it happen.

Kane and Daniel Bryan - 45%. Why? Because they're two of the top discussed people at this current time. It really seems they're going to push these two into a team and taking the belts wouldn't be a very uncommon thing to happen. I see these two capturing the gold over any of the other five if this match took place.

I'm really excited to see what can come out of the tag team division with these 5 or 6 teams and I'm eager to see if something really does go down like this. It would be a firestarter in the WWE Tag Team Division and that's something we've been waiting for for a while..

Thanks for reading and I'll be back on Tuesday for some more Wrestling discussions!

The Voice,
Brandon T. Vineyard