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Sorry I haven't posted my normal blogs this week, but I had some personal matters to take care of first, still taking care of them but I decided to come back with a blog anyway. We all know that Chris Jericho isn't really fired and that he won't be back in 2012 due to being of tour with Fozzy. One thing that we know for sure is that he'll be back with WWE in 2013, but no one knows how soon or how late in the year he will be back. IMO (and a lot of others as well), when Jericho returns to WWE after touring with Fozzy, this will be his last go around with WWE. With that being said, I think it's only right that WWE gives him one final send off for all his contributions to WWE.

I'm not saying all wrestlers should get one final send off before retiring, but certain wrestlers like Jericho deserve a big send off. Edge got one, Flair got one, HBK got one, and we can assume that Taker and HHH will get one and Jericho should to. When thinking about how he could get that big send off, I immediately started thinking about how he left WWE this last time. It's so easy that even Vince Russo wouldn't be able to screw this up. The stars are aligned perfectly for Chris Jericho to end his career with another championship run and here's exactly how it should go.

First, I would have Dolph Ziggler cash in his MITB briefcase in the very near future. I'm ok with the idea of Ziggler cashing in either right before Randy Orton leaves to film his movie or right after he leaves. I think this is important because they want Orton and Ziggler to feud for the championship after Orton gets back from filming. Doing this will give Ziggler a great first feud as champion while also being a filler until Jericho comes back. I would have Ziggler retain the title against Orton regardless of how many times they may fight. Depending on the length of the Orton-Ziggler feud, Jericho should be ready to return (hopefully in the first half of 2013). Once he returns I would have him and Ziggler pick up where they left off. It could follow the same format as before with Ziggler claiming Jericho has lost his touch and he can no longer win the big one. I would have them in a posible 3 or 4 PPV feud with Jericho finally winning the title around MITB or Summerslam. If Jericho decided to retire after winning the title in order to go out on top, I would be totally ok with it. However, I hope he wins the title, retains it in a feud or two, then decides to hang it up. I want this because it would be great to see Jericho win the title again, but I think it would be equally as great to see him with a title reign before he retires.

Whatever WWE decides to do with Jericho once he returns from his tour, I hope WWE acknowledges his contribution to the company for over a decade. His greatness should not go unrecognized as he nears the end of his career. He should be given a retirement party, maybe not as big as Flair's but not as small as Edge's. It should be more than a few wrestlers come out and say a few words and the other wrestlers come on stage. His retirement party should be like most of his comebacks. It should be highly talked about and given an adequate amount of time. I know there are some people on here that might disagree with a lot of this so I beg you to comment and say why. There will also be some people that love the idea but I beg you to comment why as well. I know this blog may be kind of weak compared to some of my previous blogs, but I ask you to bare with me as I'm trying to get back in the groove of things.

Stay blessed everybody,
Dee Thomas
Albert Santos Lacsamana
nice blog. Y2J deserves a good send off
  • September 9, 2012
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Justin Barr
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