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Ryback vs. The Miz: A Sign of Things to Come?

Guess who’s back?…Back again…Yes it’s me, JTSR. I am back on the blogging scene at least for the short term as my computer and family emergencies are hopefully behind me for a while. I’d like to give a shout out to my Grandpa who has a heart bigger than the WWE and like Stone Cold Steve Austin, is one tough SOB who refuses to quit.

In case you missed it during The Miz’s horrific commentary on Monday night, he hinted at a possible future feud during the Ryback/Jinder Mahal match. Before I go any further, I called The Miz’s rise to superstardom long ago, but in my opinion, he continues to fall flat. He is supposed to be one of the best on the mic? I have to strongly disagree and go on by saying that he is extremely overrated in my opinion right now.

Getting back to my point, The Miz and Michael were commenting during Ryback’s “match”. Michael Cole was going on and on about impressive and intimidating Ryback was and how The Miz would run away from him. Of course The Miz would disagree and make his only significant commentary of the night. He made the remark of how Ryback is a sprinter and that his matches are less than 5 minutes long or something to that effect. He would go on to say that if Ryback got in the ring with him that he would make it a marathon. This was a slight remark that got sandwiched between some bad chemistry between Michael Cole and The Miz and yet another meaningless squash by Ryback. I don’t know if I was the only one to catch this comment, but it got me thinking that this could be an intriguing feud for The Miz and a way to build Ryback up more and eventually lead to some gold.

Side note: Ryback has his own shirt now. I thought it was pretty badass and yet another sign that the WWE is getting him ready for bigger and better things. The slow ride is quickly turning into a steaming locomotive if you ask me. Maybe the WWE is getting this one right. Yes he’s a Goldberg wannabe, but there is nothing wrong with a 2.0. I think he is different enough to work and be a big star if the WWE doesn’t screw it up.

I will be anxiously waiting in the coming days to see if anything comes of this because of the way it was introduced. The WWE could easily ignore it due to the context of the way it was presented within the commentary between Miz and Cole. All it would have taken was for MC to acknowledge the remark and expound on it, but he didn’t and it got lost. Hopefully they get back to it because I see this as being a potentially great feud in the Mid Cards that the WWE has needed desperately.

I will end this comeback blog with this. As slight as it was, The Miz was right and the WWE can use this to find out 2 things:

#1 Is Ryback ready for the next level and some gold?

#2 Can the Miz get his mojo back and stretch Ryback out for some good Mid Card matches?

Of course I want to spark a great debate here so please let the comments fly. I will answer my own questions by saying yes to #1. Ryback is ready and he has his followers that are growing and chanting “Feed me More” increasingly each week. They changed his theme music, let him talk and now he has his new bad ass shirt. That shows confidence by the WWE. As far as #2 goes, I think The Miz has been a little on the lackluster of late and he was one of my favorites for a long time. I think he can have a great program with Ryback and can give him the true test that he has needed to prove that he belongs with the big dogs.

Again, what do you think? Let me hear you RSN. What up FTJ?

Till next time…Peace out Y’all!!