Adam wilkinson

Has the Art of the Finisher Been Diminished?

The last few months there have been several instances of wrestlers hitting their finishing move without getting a 3 count during the pin. One that is very glaring to me is when Brock Lesnar did not seem affected at all from HHH's pedigree, it reminded of the Ultimate Warrior, when he was hit with the Pedigree back in the 1990's, and bounced right up.

When I first became a fan of wrestling the finishing move was something that always excited me. Kind of like Mortal Kombat, once you it was hit it was over. Over the years there have been many different finishing moves, all with a unique yet devastating outcome. Once the crowd knows that it is about to happen they know that the match should be about to end. That has not been the case, and I know that there have been instances before this year, but to me it is becoming more and more glaring.

A wrestler's finishing move is something that sets them apart from other wrestlers, and it is something that when hit should do what it is intended to do, finish their opponent! From every era of wrestling the art of the finishing move has long been an essential part to a wrestler's repertoire!

This has me wondering with all the finishing moves lately having little to no affect, has the art of the finisher been diminished?