Adam wilkinson

Why Heyman Should Replace AJ as Raw GM

Oh would this not only solidify the potential of a Heyman/Punk alliance but it would also boost Punk's heel role even more. And it would help Punk keep his title till at least Wrestlemania next year...if not longer. Not only that, but it would get rid of AJ as the current out-of-control GM and put someone in ho knows what they are doing. Who better than Paul Heyman to be that person. The man is a creative genius when it comes to this business. He would also make an excellent heel GM. The man draws so much heat already, that the heat he would draw as the GM with his alliance with Punk would roll off him and right onto Punk. Especially if he continue to show kayfabe favor towards Punk. AJ draws very little pop or heat and she is beginning to lose control of her RAW wrestlers as well as Raw.

Now I am not suggesting an outright firing of AJ next Monday on Raw and hiring Heyman. That would be too obvious and no doubt too awkward as well. It needs to probably take at least another month to gradually draw out the feud between Vicki and AJ as well as to see where the alliance between Heyman and Punk goes. Plus AJ needs to lose her temper a few more times before she is replaced as GM of Raw. This will give more credibility to the reasoning for removing her as GM. It could also help to push the idea to Vicki that she may be the one who could replace her as GM. This is something she could be pushing to the fans and using to taunt AJ into having another nervous breakdown over the next few weeks which will lead to the RAW where AJ is fired and replaced. This will prompt an on-air visit from none other than the boss himself to do the firing. How about this? It doesn't happen til the middle of the RAW but hints are being dropped throughout the entire show that AJ is at the end of her line and especially by Vicki. She is even being shown schmoozing the boss trying to get Vince to give her the job. When Vince finally calls AJ out to "speak" to her Vicki also comes out to await being handed the job after AJ is fired. But to Vicki's surprise, after AJ gets the "YOU'RE FIRED" from Vince he also mentions the fact that he is tired of women being RAW GM's and says that he is ready for a man to do a man's job. Thus he announces a man that needs no introduction as a creative genius and the new GM of Raw...Paul Heyman.

Heyman is the creative genius behind one of the best professional wrestling companies that doesn't exist anymore. That company would be ECW. I know that is probably somewhat controversial to say, but it is in my humble opinion. Now I realize that ECW had financial problems as does every company that doesn't have the funds to keep up with the main competition. I am sure that goes for the current companies such as TNA and RoH. RoH is ECW but without all the violence and blood but with some of the most insane and amazing wrestling matches. But nonetheless, Paul is definitely a GM that can generate a lot of intense heat from the fans. He is one of those that people love to hate and the more he, as GM, would allow Punk to get his way and get away with whatever he wanted to do as champ then Punk will get that same amount of heat. Heyman could even take over Punk's feud with Lawler where Heyman sits in at the commentator table to make sure that Lawler gives Punk the respect he has earned as the champ and instead of Punk wasting his time wrestling Lawler he replaces him with another wrestler to take care of his business. It very well could come to the point that Heyman ends up denying Lawler from commentating on anymore of Punk's matches. Enter Ric Flair to replace the King at the announce table.

This alliance could also build up with more wrestlers as well over time. We could see a push for more wrestlers to want to be treated the same as Punk. Thus they will do anything to get the same respect as Punk has from Heyman. This could be the new stable for Ric Flair to take over as manager of young talent that gets their push as top heels surrounding the top heel of CM Punk. This stable, whatever they may be named, will ensure that CM Punk remains champion for a long time. This move to put Heyman in as Raw GM and the alliance between him and Punk may very well get more fans paying attention again to WWE. Whatever happens, I do think AJ as GM is not doing it. She needs to go and soon. Heyman, I believe, is the only one to replace her at this time to be able to generate more interest and heat from the fans as a true heel GM. Only other one to do it as well would be to bring Stephanie or Shane on. But let's not be that desperate.

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Adam T. Brown