Adam wilkinson

The Future of The Dudley Boyz

Buh-Buh Ray and Devon Dudley are arguably the greatest tag tem in the history of Pro-wrestling. They have dominated the tag team scene in almost every major promotion and participated in some of wrestling’s greatest matches.
Even Vince McMahon, a promoter who reportedly has no time for tag team wrestling, saw how special a team the Dudley’s were and pushed them to the forefront of the WWE.

At this time the Dudley’s (or Team 3D as they have most recently been known) are in the middle of contract negotiations with TNA and the big word around campus is that they may be leaving.

Where to? That’s the big question.

Some have speculated that the Dud’s are heading back to the WWE following a recent photo of Devon wearing a RAW IS WAR t-shirt.
I personally wouldn’t be surprised if they both made a return to TNA at a later date as a team again.

However, it would be an absolute delight to see the Boyz have a stint (even a brief one) in Ring of Honor and add another set of titles to their already impressive and unmatched trophy cabinet

Plus it would do wonders for the company that is still reeling form the loss of some of its top stars and help cement its position as the third top promotion in the USA.

There are a lot of talented tag-teams within ROH for the Dudley’s to mix with and the idea of a potential feud with the Briscoe’s is something that already has me watering at the mouth.

Both Devon and Buh-Buh have proven as of late that they are not over the hill and would undoubtedly gel well with brawlers Jay and Mark.
Just imagine the chaos and devastation that these two amazing teams could produce that could easily rival the Dudley’s run during the Attitude Era and even their earlier work in ECW.

ROH really is the place for tag team wrestling and would permit the Dudley’s to go out there and antagonize their opponents (as well as the crowd) like only they can. ECW style.

Here’s one fan hoping this dream will come true.