Adam wilkinson

The Forming of Punk’s Unholy Alliance

Just over a year ago, CM Punk gave us one of the most famous promos of WWE history. He let everything out there, and didn’t hold anything back. It was one of, if not his best pipe bombs. “That’s right; I’m a Paul Heyman guy!” I can still hear those words so clear.

Now, let’s fast forward to last night in Chicago. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to hear that Paul Heyman was spotted around the Allstate Arena before Raw went live. I think everyone assumed that this had something to do with Triple H’s “farewell” promo he did last week in Milwaukee. It would have been the perfect opportunity for Lesnar’s camp to respond to the emotional outpouring. Heyman could claim victory and even start a “You Tapped Out” chant. Even though there was no mention about him all throughout the broadcast, I couldn’t help but wonder what he would bring to the show.

CM Punk had quite the welcome back from his home town tonight. No matter how much he boasted about respect, the Chicago crowd gave it all to him; even to the point of booing Sheamus while he was in the ring. Even starting Raw by showing footage of Punk attacking Lawler, and walking out on a main event match couldn’t turn them against him. The night was concluded by Punk returning to the arena, only to help Rio finish off Cena by attacking him from behind. This was followed up by a GTS of the hood of CM Punk’s car. As the vehicle drove off slowly, the driver was revealed to be none other than Paul Heyman himself.

With the sudden burst of extreme behavior over the course of the last month, and all the demanding for respect, you can’t help but wonder if this is coming straight from Punk himself, or is it inspired by the man who brought Punk into the WWE in the first place? Was Heyman pulling the strings of the champ, or was Paul just catching up with an old friend? With the COO out of the picture, what would obviously be next on the list to be conquered in the WWE? The answer is the WWE Championship.

Nonetheless, with CM Punk heading into Night of Champions in two weeks from Cenas hometown, it certainly wouldn’t hurt Punk to have some back-up in his corner. The forming of this unholy alliance might be just what it takes for this fallen Second City Saint to overcome the odds that are stacked against him. To prove who truly deserves the most respect in the WWE, Punk aligning himself with Paul Heyman might be the only way to come out on top at the Night of Champions.