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When Should WWE Unveil The New TItle Design, Who Should Unveil The New Title And How It Should Be Unveiled

This is something that we all know is going to happen. WWE will unveil its new WWE Championship design. Although we all know it will be unveiled, nobody knows for sure when it will be unveiled, who will unveil it, or how it will be unveiled. One can only speculate that it will unveiled soon. Almost everyone has their opinion on who should be the person to unveil the title, when it should be unveiled, or how it should be unveiled, but in this blog I will tell you all exactly how I would have the whole situation play out if I were a part of WWE creative.


I know this answer may be very vague, but it should be soon. Soon as in late 2012 early 2013. If it were me, I would wait to unveil it on the February 4th edition of Raw, the night after the Royal Rumble. I would wait until then because it's not too early in the year and it's after a PPV event, but before they begin any build up for the next PPV. It may just be me, but I strongly dislike the idea of a new title being unveiled in the middle of a feud. Revealing the new title at the beginning of February would allow the current title to have one last run, while also allowing the new title to be around long enough to get accustomed to before Wrestlemania.


The one thing that I'm pretty sure everyone has an opinion on. I guarantee you that everyone has their own person they feel is the right man to reveal the new belt. Names that I'm pretty sure people want are The Rock, CM Punk, Miz, John Cena or someone else. But I think the man for the job is CM Punk. Punk should be the one to debut the new title because he's the one nearing 300 days as champion, he's the best "wrestler" in the world, and at some point WWE will have to move on from John Cena and hand the reigns to someone else, Punk should be that guy. I don't want it to be The Rock because he'll reveal the new title and be gone as soon as he loses it, I don't want it to be Miz because he's nowhere near the title picture right now, and I don't want it to be Cena because he revealed the current design of the title. I know he's the poster boy and everything, but let someone else get some shine. I'm done talking about Cena because I don't want this to be a rant, but Punk should be that guy. He deserves it, he's a different kind of champion that we have seen recently so let him debut the new belt. Now after they agree to let him debut the belt, how will it be done?


First of all, I would not have CM Punk lose the title to John Cena at Night of Champions or at any point in 2012. I would have him defend and retain the title against The Rock at Royal Rumble. The next night on Raw I would have CM Punk cut a promo on Raw talking about how he successfully defended the title against Dwayne and how if he wasn't considered the best in the world before, he should be now because he's beaten everybody that has challenged him including Dwayne, who claims to be "The Great One." Punk goes on to call himself "The Great One" until Rock's music hits. Rock comes out and says his popular catchphrases and reminds Punk that he has a rematch clause in the contract. Punk says he'll get his rematch at Elimination Chamber when four other superstars will also get their chance to win the title. GM AJ Lee comes skipping out and says she's the GM and she decides when Punk defends the title. She announces the rematch for tonight on Raw. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler hype the match as The Rock's first match on Raw in over 10 years. Punk conducts a backstage interview saying how he is still getting disrespected by everyone in the WWE and he's sick of it. In the main event on Raw, Punk defeats Rock again and the show goes off the air with Punk asking for respect from Rock. The next week on Raw, Punk opens the show sitting in the ring to cut a promo talking about how he is so sick of being disrespected by the entire WWE. He talks about the most recent show of disresepct by having to defend his title on back-to-back nights against the same opponent. Punk goes on to say how he isn't normally disrespectful but, this time he is going to make an exception. he goes over to Justin Roberts who is sitting next to a trash can. Punk brings the trash can in the ring and says since the WWE wants to disrespect him, he will disrespect the WWE and he drops the WWE Championship in the trash can in the middle of the ring. Punk leaves with the trash can and is shown backstage dumping the trash can in the dumpster. Matt Striker comes up to Punk to ask about the future of the WWE Championship, Punk tells him that he's still the WWE Champion and is still at the top of the food chain, Striker asks how without a championship and Punk replies "trust me, I am." (Maybe not quite like that but you get my drift). In the final segment of Raw, John Cena comes out and calls out CM Punk for disrespecting the WWE and everybody in the history of the WWE that has held that championship. Cena waits and waits until finally Punk's music hits but it's Paul Heyman that shows up. Heyman talks about how Punk got disrespected for so long by everyone in WWE that he finally decided to take matters into his own hands. He says Punk realizes why he was disrespected and it was because he was in possession of the WWE Championship which was in possession of WWE. He continues to say that since Punk is the WWE champion that he should be the one calling the shots, not some suit and tie kind of guys that sit behind a desk or some mentally unstable GM and things should be done his way because he is the WWE champion. Ladies and gentlemen, join me as I introduce to you, my client and your WWE Champion, CM Punk. Punk walks out with the new title and a microphone. He says that he trashed the old title because that's the old WWE and it doesn't represent him. He says his new title represents a new era in the WWE where he's in control and he's no long disrespected. Raw ends with Punk holding the new title high.

I know this blog was very long, but when I do blogs like this, I love to go very in depth with the details. I know there will be some people that would love to see this happen, maybe not exactly like this but the outcome to be the same. On the flip side, I know there are some people that don't agree with anything that I said. If you are one of those people, I advise you and everyone for that matter to offer your input and feedback on how it could be better. If you are the type of person that thinks this is a ridiculous idea, of course you get the Fred Durst middle finger. My goal is to provide more interesting blogs while still providing my fantasy blogs. I appreciate all the feedback on my previous blogs and any future blogs.

Stay blessed everybody,
Dee Thomas