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Why, When, and How Orton Should Turn Heel

I think this is a topic that everyone here at RSN has at some point had an opinion on, whether that opinion be pro or con, everyone has an opinion on this issue. I have a feeling that most people on this site would prefer Orton a heel, but there may also be a select few that like him as a babyface just like he is now. Whatever side of the fence you're on, I feel like he should be a heel, so I'm going to tell you all why I think he should, when his heel turn should happen, and how it should happen. I hope you all enjoy.


This is very basic. A heel Randy Orton seems more like who he is in real life. I'm not saying he goes around hitting people with RKOs and doing his pose, but I feel like he is a very serious person who doesn't try to do things to make people happy and thats what he does as a babyface. I also think Orton likes being a heel more than he likes being a babyface. It appears he has to try too hard to be a babyface while being a heel comes more naturally to him. Also, when Orton is a heel, I feel like he has to cut less promos to tell a storyline. When he is a babyface, his mic work (which I think is his weakest asset) is sometimes hard to listen to. I know some of you may disagree with some of the things I said, but the beauty of this blog is that it is my blog and all based on my opinion. There are my reasons why it should be done, now the next question is when?


Since Orton has been pulled from future house shows, that most likely means he is to start filming 12 Rounds: Reloaded. If that is the case and if reports are true that he will be returning in November, that puts us near Survivor Series. I wouldn't have the Orton heel turn occur at Survivor Series since that will be too soon after his return. I would wait until the next PPV, TLC to do the heel turn. Doing it at TLC as opposed to Survivor Series will give Orton enough time to keep getting the crowd behind him as a babyface. Knowing exactly when to do the heel turn with Orton is just as important as the heel turn itself. Saying that, I also think it's equally important to do the heel turn not too soon after he comes back from filming the movie. So since we have that out the way, the most important part is how will it be done?


If I were in charge of heel and face turns like I am in our WWE ran by Angela, I would make Orton turn heel in a way that I don't think a lot of people would expect. First, I would end the feud with Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell in October. I would then have Sheamus feud with the returning Wade Barrett. Barrett could return by attacking Sheamus during a match or whatever way possible. Throughout the weeks, have Barrett continue beating Sheamus down after matches. Let's remember however, this has to occur from at least the Raw or Smackdown after Hell in a Cell to some point after Survivor Series in November. It has to be this way so we can have Orton time to get back from filming his movie. At some point after Orton returns, have Barrett continue to beat down Sheamus after matches and when he is done, Ziggler comes running down the ramp ready to cash in the briefcase, only to have Orton return and halt his plans. Over the course of weeks Ziggler continues to have Orton ruin his plans of cashing in the briefcase. At some point, Orton and Sheamus team up to face Ziggler and Barrett and when Ziggler is about to hit Sheamus with the briefcase, Orton RKO's him before he can do so. Fastforward to TLC in December where we have Orton and Ziggler in a match and Sheamus defending the title against Barrett in a tables match. Orton defeats Ziggler and Sheamus retains against Barrett. However, after the match Barrett hits Wasteland on Sheamus through another table that was already set up in the ring. As Barrett is leaving and Sheamus is in the ring getting up from being put through a table, Ziggler's music hits and he runs down with his briefcase and a referee. As Sheamus is getting up, he's trying to gather himself to prepare for another title defense. Before the referee can ring the bell, Orton runs down again and slithers in the ring between Sheamus and Ziggler and nails Sheamus with an RKO! WTH? That's right. He nails Sheamus with an RKO and slithers out of the ring as Ziggler becomes the new champion. The following week on Smackdown Orton cuts a promo telling Sheamus that he's tired of watching his back, he did it for too long and he's tired of being the reason he held on to the title, so he decided to be the reason he lost it. Once Sheamus demands his rematch, have Orton cause a distraction to allow Ziggler to retain. I think that would be enough to allow Orton to become a heel, thus starting a feud between he and Sheamus.

I know there are going to be some people who love this idea and there are going to be some who hate this idea, but like I said earlier it is my idea and nobody can change that. Also like I said, that's how I would make things play out if I was a writer for WWE. As always I would love to hear everyone's feedback on this because like I said I know almost everyone on this site has an opinion on this matter. Lately I have been doing blogs about matches that have never happened, but decided to cover this matter that I consider to be urgent. Be sure to tune in Tuesday when I continue the matches that never happened series.

Stay blessed everybody,
Dee Thomas

P.S. To anyone who thinks this is a terrible idea, you get the Fred Durst middle finger.